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Top 10 wedding bouquet designs

Daniel Bouwmeester    July 11, 2023    3 min read   

Courtesy of Southside Flower Market / FlowerHub

Wedding flowers have a significant impact on the overall mood and style of your dream wedding.

Here’s a guide to the top 10 floral creations for your most unforgettable celebration, courtesy of Southside Flower Market.

1. Round bouquet. One of the most classic, formal-looking, and thus popular styles, this simple, symmetrical, rounded shaped bouquet needs flowers of an even height, with the stems wrapped tightly in satin or other ribbon.

2. Freeform bouquet. An asymmetrical shape of fresh flowers coupled with unconventional dried grasses and branches, freeform is ideal for fans of contemporary floral design. For example, traditional flowers like phalaenopsis orchids, roses, and Amaranthus could be paired with pampas grass, bleached Ruscus, and dried palm leaves.

3. Hand-tied bouquet. The hand-tied or garden wedding bouquet is increasingly popular. This natural, loose arrangement is designed to look like it was just picked from the garden – emphasising lush flowers and grasses of varying stem lengths.

4. Cascade bouquet. This waterfall-like display involves “spilling” blooms and greenery over a handheld base to create a large upside-down teardrop shape that varies in length but reaches anywhere from halfway down the wedding gown to almost touching the floor.

Image: Flowers by Nattrass.

5. Composite bouquet. This artistic and memorable style of bouquet comprises individually plucked petals that are wired or glued together and arranged in such a way as to create what’s called a “glamelia” – that is, an illusion of an oversized flower on what appears to be a single stem.

6. Bouquet of posies. This petite, loosely designed bouquet of posies has the benefits of being carried single-handed and it won’t obscure the bridal gown.

7. Nosegay bouquet. This is a small, rounded cluster of a dominant flower or colour – with uniform cuts and minimal or no greenery. A ribbon or other type of fabric tightly winds around a group of nosegay stems to create a polished look.

8. Presentation bouquet. Also called an ‘arm sheaf’ or ‘pageant bouquet’, this wedding bouquet is carried on the arm, rather than by hand. It is a typically large arrangement made of flowers with longer stems like roses, delphinium, foxgloves, calla lilies, and tree blossoms.

9. Biedermeier bouquet. This underused bouquet design involves clustering together flowers – of either the same variety or the same colour – in rings encircling the bouquet, creating a striped effect. Brightly coloured flowers, such as fuchsia roses, purple calla lilies, and pink ranunculus, work best.

10. Pomander bouquet. A bloom-covered ball suspended at the top by a large ribbon to create a handle, this bouquet is easy to carry, and thus ideal for young flower girls, or can even be hung decoratively – for example, on chairs, pews, or hooks, to demarcate the aisle.

Visit southsideflowermarket.com.au or the online market at flowerhub.com.au for more info.

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