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Student voice is key, says Good Shepherd’s new principal

Daniel Bouwmeester    July 10, 2023    3 min read   

Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School principal Christine Ioannides has a passion for authentically connecting with her students.

In her short time as the school’s leader, Christine has already demonstrated initiative by planning a regular Afternoon Tea with the Principal’.

Each school term, students will be invited to share with her their ideas and direction for the school community.

Christine said the afternoon tea is one of many ways she will help bring to life the school motto, ‘Called by Name.’

“One of the things that stood out to me when accepting this principalship was that all the students call the teachers by their first name, in line with our school motto,” Christine said.

“My new students know me as ‘Christine’ – which is different for me.”

As a former speech and drama teacher and primary school educator, Christine said she never saw herself in school leadership, but many Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) mentors encouraged her to pursue it.

“I am glad they did, because principalship brings something different every day,” she said.

“I’m a person who likes a challenge and the variety of a role, and I enjoy working with lots of different people and establishing those personal interactions with the school community and staff.”

Students’ best

Above: Principal Christine Ioannides with Jordan MP Charis Mullen. Top image: Christine with some of her young students. Images: Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School / BCE.

Christine said she was passionate about providing opportunities for the ‘whole child’.

“As a principal, I want the students to discover their talents while also setting challenges for them to improve in other areas,” she said.

“I am also passionate about the social and emotional health of students in the primary years, fostering a school environment that not only educates students but nurtures them – this is important to me.

“I truly want the best for the students, and I hope when they see me smile, that makes them feel safe and happy.

“One of my goals for 2023 is to build a trusting and collaborative team who will generously contribute to the spirit of this great school.

“I have felt blessed every day of my career with Brisbane Catholic Education, being able to come to work and share my faith.”

Meanwhile, Christine said she is excited to learn more from her own students.

“I am really enjoying getting to know the students, their wants and needs for our school – and l am looking forward to continuing this throughout the year.”

For further information about Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School, including enrolment applications, please visit goodshepherd.qld.edu.au, or call 3437 5000.

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