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Springfield Camira Men’s Shed

Guy Hazlewood and Jim Wilmen    March 29, 2024    2 min read   

This article is about a once-only piece of furniture, which became a reality in the Springfield Camira Men’s Shed.

The year was 2020, a first major project for the men’s shed. Applied for by in-house management and granted for structure within the confines of the shed.

The project was a large round table and 9 sturdy chairs, needed for members’ use. 

The responsibility for this was given to the very skilled hands of the shed coordinator, 

Mr. Terry Parkes and Mr. Wayne Williams, men of repute in our group.

These two worthy gentlemen covered all aspects of required planning for a period of three months. 

The Big Red Shed at Darra was brilliant. They contributed greatly in selection of Australian hardwood timbers, the bisket joins, the tongue and groove panels of the base structure, and all cutting was done with precision machinery. 

One Terry Parkes was delighted with the assistance provided. During the process of the base and tabletop construction, Wayne asked – “Why not include a Lazy Susan?”

We have witnessed this addition of movement that works (all you need is a strong man). 

The magic is a strong metal centrepiece and a bucket of ball bearings, allowing simple rotation of the heavy table top.

The construction of this table and chairs was posted on facebook on September 13, October 7 & November 7 in 2020. 

With table completion, the balance of chairs quickly followed, making this project one that provides the perfect conditional needs that can deliver maximum wellbeing for all men that require deep breaths of remedial intake – also known as ‘therapy’. This is free in our place. 

The spontaneity of men at large round table is proven. With people facing one another, eye to eye, conversational encounters rules.  


For more information on the Springfield Camira Men’s Shed contact 0408 370 798.

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Guy Hazlewood and Jim Wilmen