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Orion Springfield Central celebrates remarkable local women for International Women’s Day

Guy Hazlewood and Jamie Furness    March 29, 2024    3 min read   

Orion Springfield Central celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8 by featuring five exceptional women from the Greater Springfield community in a special in-centre display. 

The exhibit showcased the women’s stories and achievements, as well as celebrating their aims to inspire the community to strive for greatness and positive change. 

This year’s theme, “Invest in women: Accelerate Progress,” highlighted the importance of gender equality, empowerment of women and girls, and their entitlement to healthier lives. 

Through the storytelling of  local women, nominated by the Greater Springfield community, Orion Springfield Central put a spotlight on the journeys of these extraordinary individuals making a positive impact in an aim to inspire women and girls everywhere.  

Orion Springfield Central senior asset manager Melanie Hodge said Orion was proud to be able to feature the women and inspire the community through their stories.

“Orion Springfield Central is more than just a shopping destination; it’s a vibrant community space that thrives on inclusivity and celebration,” she said.

“We are immensely proud to showcase the stories of these phenomenal women who embody  the values of strength, compassion, and resilience. Their contributions serve as a beacon of hope and  inspiration for us all.” 

Among those selected to be featured were Lauren Bickley, Emma Atherton, Sarah Knopke, Kristy Kelly and Sarah Lowry and Shelleigh Lole, whose stories serve as a testament to perseverance, compassion, and dedication.

Lauren Bickley is a devoted wife, mother of two and a pillar of support in the community. Lauren’s life took an unexpected turn when her husband Shaun suffered three consecutive strokes, resulting in blindness. Despite facing immense challenges, Lauren exhibits true strength as she raises awareness for the blind community and stroke awareness through Pitch Black.

Emma Atherton, who owns Orion Family Physio with her husband Adam, envisions a future where all women receive the care and support they deserve. Emma’s mission is to enhance women’s health through iCare4U and her upcoming venture, Liberty Women’s Wellness. Balancing her duties as a devoted mother of five and a supportive wife, Emma also commits herself wholeheartedly to Kingdom Health Group Company, a prominent provider of allied health services in the Greater Springfield and Ipswich Region.

Sarah Knopke is the driving force behind various community groups and organisations, and works hard to strengthen the community, helps with raising funds for lesser-known charities and encourages small businesses. She also ran for council in 2020 and now volunteers her time to Radio Springfield City, with the “Springfield City Socials with Sarah,” segment on a weekly basis.

Kirsty and Sarah, owners of the Revive Yoga and Wellness Centre, are dedicated to empowering women and the community through yoga. Through tireless effort and dedication, they’ve curated a holistic approach to well-being, offering a diverse range of treatments, classes, and therapies designed to nurture both the body and the spirit.

Shelleigh Lole, who has operated Lole’s Barber Shop with her husband Fana for 10 years, are proud sponsors of the REKON Youth Program, which aims to empower young individuals by creating a safe and nurturing space to unwind and have fun. As a mother to three teenagers, Shelleigh recognises the pivotal role of adolescence in shaping one’s sense of self and relationships. Shelleigh is also the driving force behind the Greater Springfield Stingers Touch Football Association serving as a Founder and President.

A full profile of each showcased woman is available via orionspringfieldcentral.com.au.

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Guy Hazlewood and Jamie Furness