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Serene sights and sounds at McLeod’s

Daniel Bouwmeester    July 14, 2023    3 min read   

When it comes to indulging in a perfect Sunday afternoon, McLeod Country Golf Club at Mount Ommaney has you covered with its enchanting monthly event, Music Over the Green.

This live music event beckons families and friends to come together, bask in the soothing sounds, and revel in the breathtaking beauty of the lush golf course as their backdrop.

The next Music Over the Green takes place on Sunday, August 13, from 1pm to 5pm.

McLeod Country Golf Club understands the importance of catering to families, offering incredible deals that make dining a pleasure for all guests.

Open for dinner on Thursday and Friday nights, kids can enjoy their meals at half price – ensuring that quality family time doesn’t strain the wallet.

Thursday nights also bring family fun trivia, a chance to test your knowledge and compete in a friendly atmosphere.

For those seeking a little excitement, Friday nights are a must-visit. The jackpot raffle and draw at 7pm create an electrifying atmosphere.

When it comes to dining, McLeod Country Golf Club is a true gem. The club offers a seasonal menu curated to showcase the finest local ingredients and flavours. Indulge in a mouth-watering meal while enjoying the awe-inspiring views of the golf course, creating a dining experience that is as visually satisfying as it is delicious.

If you’re captivated by all that McLeod Country Golf Club has to offer, consider becoming a club member for the low price of just $5 per year. As a member, you gain access to an array of amenities.

All images: McLeod Country Golf Club.

That includes an art gallery situated in the newly improved coffee nook, where you can savour your favourite beverage surrounded by captivating artwork.

Whether you’re a golf enthusiast, an art lover, or simply seeking a serene space to relax, this destination promises an unforgettable experience that will leave you refreshed and inspired.

Special offer for The Greater Springfield Times readers:

As a token of appreciation for loyal readers of The Greater Springfield Times, McLeod Country Golf Club extends the following special offer:

Enjoy a 5% discount on meal purchases from Thursday to Sunday by using the code TGST06. It’s an exclusive opportunity to relish in the wonderful food and atmosphere of the club.

Brought to you by McLeod Country Golf Club

McLeod Country Golf Club is located at 61 Gertrude McLeod Crescent, Mount Ommaney.

Visit mcleodgolf.com.au for more information, including opening hours, or please call 3376 3666.

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