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Rising ‘STAARS’ at Orion Lagoon

Daniel Bouwmeester    January 22, 2024    2 min read   

Ipswich City Council is bringing a four-week aquatic access and skills program to Orion Lagoon, beginning February 5, for people living with a disability.

The Water STAARS (Support to Access Aquatic Recreational Spaces) Program is a partnership between the Royal Life Saving Society Queensland (RLSSQ) and the Council’s SEAL Pool Safety Program.

Qualified Royal Life Saving disability instructors will conduct the lessons in a safe and supportive environment.

As it is a four-week program, registered participants are committing to attend all four lessons – one lesson every Monday in February 2024.

Community, Culture, Arts and Sport Committee Chairperson Andrew Fechner said water familiarisation classes are a good idea for teaching anybody how to stay safe around the water.

“These classes provide useful information about what to do when in or around water and are relevant for anyone carrying out water-related activities,” Cr Fechner said.

The Water STAARS Program teaches participants to raise an arm for help. Images: Royal Life Saving Society Queensland.

Assisted sessions

“Sessions will be a mixture of water activities and fun lagoon deck games for all those involved.

“With the right training everyone should be able to take advantage of the wonderful facilities on offer in the Ipswich area.

“Bookings are essential, as numbers are capped per session.”

The Water STAARS Program can accommodate up to two participants using wheelchairs per session.

“All participants must be accompanied by a parent, guardian, or carer who can actively assist and participate in the water during each session.”

The sessions will be held each Monday in February – February 5, 12, 19, and 26 – at the following times:

  • Children aged 6-12: 10am-11am;
  • Youth aged 13-17: 11am-12 noon;
  • Adults aged 18+: 12 noon-1pm.

To make a booking, visit the Council website – search “Water STAARS Program”, or click here.

For more information, call the Council’s Pool Safety Team on 3810 6120 or email poolsprogram@ipswich.qld.gov.au.

You can also enquire with Royal Life Saving Queensland on 3823 2823 or email projects@rlssq.com.au.

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