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Men’s health issues to ‘take a hike’

Daniel Bouwmeester    July 28, 2023    5 min read   

Springfield resident Luke Hinschen will be walking from Grafton to Brisbane next month to help raise funds and awareness for men’s health.

Luke has set a bold fundraising target of $50,000 – to be donated to the Movember Foundation.

A monumental 386-kilometre journey along the Pacific Highway, “Luke’s Long Walk” will begin on the morning of Sunday, September 24, in Grafton, New South Wales.

It is scheduled to end two weeks later on Saturday, October 7, in Brisbane city.

“The plan is to start in Grafton, and walk up from there,” Luke said.

“Every day, I’ll be putting out at least one video. I’ll be doing a live video as well.

“I’ll be promoting the sponsors when I stop at towns like Broadwater and Surfers Paradise.”

Luke is still looking for additional partners and sponsorship opportunities – particularly in Logan, the Gold Coast, and anywhere south of the border – particularly in places along or near the highway where he can visit on the way to Brisbane.

The starting point for Luke’s Long Walk – Clarence River, Grafton, NSW.

Community support

The Springfield Mo-Men – the local chapter of Movember Australia, which advocates for men’s health – are Luke’s biggest backers.

“They are unbelievable,” Luke said.

Mark Winter, Paul Kirwan, and Matt Eggins – the three original members of the Mo-Men – are providing promotion, advertising, and other behind-the-scenes support.

“They are involved with every single part of this event. They’ve been doing things in Grafton.

“All three of them are part of this, and will be walking with me – at least for the first day.”

The Rotary is also firmly behind Luke’s cause.

The two Rotary Districts that correspond to the Brisbane and Grafton regions – 9620 and 9640 – are official community partners.

The two districts are led by District Governors Paul Roger, also a member of the Greater Springfield Rotary, and Dave Harmon, respectively.

Furthermore, Luke is a member of two local chapters of Business Network International (BNI) – in Springfield and Camira.

In dealing with family law courts, Luke said he found men and women were affected by abuse in roughly equal numbers – a reality that Luke said mainstream media seldom portrays accurately.

He also believes that men do not have enough support in dealing with their personal and intimate relationships, which can have devastating effects.

“Especially since COVID, I’ve seen men’s mental health surpass prostate cancer [and other illnesses, in terms of casualties]. It’s huge.”

Luke said he recognises the importance of men’s health awareness and wants his walk to help spread the message far and wide.

Members gather at the new ‘BNI Advance’, one of Springfield’s two BNI chapters. Image: Daniel Bouwmeester / Local News Publications.

The BNI members have been rallying support behind Luke’s initiative with sponsorships and in-kind donations.

Owner of Springfield Lakes-based Best Pool Heating, Shayne Guy, said he was proud to jump on board Luke’s mission.

Renee and Ian Joel from Augustine Heights-based company Nu-Look Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning also donated to the cause.

In-kind sponsorships include Deb Purkiss from Social Media Angel and Rachel Waddington from My Precious Events.

Breaking point

Luke has had first- and second-hand encounters with domestic and family violence situations, as well as homelessness.

He has been a men’s health advocate for more than 15 years.

In that time, Luke has been involved with countless extractions of people who have been victims of domestic violence.

That includes both men and women, and those living in urban and regional Queensland and New South Wales.

Springfield Mo-Men’s Mark Winter, left, appeared in a Facebook video promoting the event with Luke in Grafton.
Top image: Springfield Mo-Men co-founders Paul Kirwan, left, and Mark Winter, right, proudly stand with Luke at a campaign event last year. All images: Luke Hinschen.

“[I want] to start those vital conversations about men’s health, whether it’s prostate cancer, men’s mental health, or even just getting down to the day-to-day life struggles… whether that’s working 9 to 10 hours a day, then coming home and doing family stuff as well… because it all takes a toll.

“To all the men in our lives – our family, friends, and business partners – let’s prioritise self-care and inspire each other to lead healthier lives.”

Getting on board

1 – Follow Luke’s Long Walk: Stay connected with Luke’s progress and updates on social media.

2 – Engage and Share: Like, comment, and share Luke’s posts to spread the word about his mission. Every interaction counts.

3 – Learn More: Take a moment to explore Luke’s story, motivations, and why he’s committed to this extraordinary undertaking.

4 – Donate: Help Luke achieve his goal of $50,000. Every contribution matters, no matter how small.

For more information, email walkformenshealth@gmail.com or contact Luke on 0427 106 699.

To donate, visit the ‘Luke’s Long Walk’ Movember webpage via the link: cutt.ly/f4YY8HX or the adjacent QR code.

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