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Memorable Moments: December 2023

Daniel Bouwmeester    December 15, 2023    2 min read   

‘Memorable Moments’ by Amanda and Antoine
Jane’s Handcrafts & Gifts

Now is a great opportunity to remind businesses and employers how giving gifts to your clients and team members can produce great moments and stronger business relationships.

Importantly, corporate gift-giving can ensure that relationships that have been built throughout the year create more business in the future.

After all, it’s a known fact that people feel special when they are thanked by someone else, and this is no different for businesses and their own clients.

Sending corporate gift hampers either at the end or throughout the year is a perfect way of acknowledging those valuable clients, co-workers or fellow businesses within your presents.

And when organised early, they can be specifically tailored to those intended recipients, making your gift-giving moments even more memorable.

Our Signature Christmas Hamper.

Top 3 client gift tips

There are many key principles that should be thought about when sending a gift to your clients, but my top 3 would be:

• Add a personal message to each gift. This will make the recipient feel special as they will know that the gift has been curated especially for them.

• Add personalisation to the box or boxes, such as the recipients’ names, making the gift look like it hasn’t just been massed produced.

• Do your research. Are you intending the gift to be for the whole team? If so, are there members that may have
certain dietary requirements.

Taking these steps now can help you to have a stress-free Christmas. Set yourself a budget, make a list, and take a moment to check it twice!

And if you are wanting beautifully hand picked corporate hampers, Jane’s Handcrafts and Gifts have you covered.

Our Signature Settlement Hamper.

We are Amanda and Antoine, a Greater Springfield-based husband-and-wife team and founders of local gift creation and delivery service Jane’s Handcrafts & Gifts.

We’re taking on the gifting world by putting together beautifully presented hampers for all occasions.

For more information, visit our website at www.janeshandcraftsandgifts.com.

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