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Local cake shop saves wedding disaster

Daniel Bouwmeester    November 6, 2023    2 min read   
Newlyweds Fernando and Shaina Dos Reis cutting the cake that almost wasn’t. Images: Fernando Dos Reis / courtesy Aruga.

A Springfield resident received one of the worst pieces of news one week before his wedding — that his cake maker had to pull out.

Fernando Dos Rios, whose marriage to fiancée Shaina on August 14 was just days away, frantically posted a series of videos to his social media webpage begging for recommendations for help.

“I get married in six days… and the lady that’s been booked for almost 12 months to do our wedding cake [has just] bailed,” Fernando said in his initial TikTok video.

“[Everyone] I have messaged or contacted who can do cake since then has told me it’s not possible… [because] I need three tiers of (preferably) cheesecake, and I know that’s hard.”

Panicked, Fernando said he believed making such a cake to feed 60 people with less than a week’s notice would be too daunting.

The video received huge levels of traffic – to this date, almost 40,000 total views – much more than the typical several hundred for his other TikTok videos.

Among hundreds of video comments and private messages, The Cheesecake Shop was highly recommended – so Fernando decided to contact the Springfield store.

While awaiting an answer, Fernando posted an update video the following day praising his community for their outpouring of support.

“There was even one kind lady who volunteered to pick up a cake for us from the Gold Coast and deliver it to the venue for us,” he said.

“I cannot believe how much love, and how [many] kind people are out there… I’m honestly speechless.”

Nevertheless, The Cheesecake Shop quickly obliged, creating a two-tiered custom cheesecake that captured the essence of the couple’s original three-tiered vision.

As a cherry on top, the store gave the couple a $50 voucher as a wedding gift, which they spent during their honeymoon in Tasmania.

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