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Ipswich police target high-risk domestic violence offenders through Operation Shield

Guy Hazlewood    May 24, 2024    2 min read   

Ipswich police have intensified their efforts against the region’s most high-risk and high-harm domestic and family violence (DFV) offenders through the launch of Operation Shield.

This initiative leverages the expertise of local officers and specialists from the Domestic, Family Violence and Vulnerable Persons Unit, alongside the Ipswich District Tactical Crime Unit, to create a comprehensive response aimed at reducing DFV crimes.

Since its commencement in mid-April, Operation Shield has led to the arrest and charging of 14 high-risk domestic violence offenders. These individuals face serious charges, including stalking, assault, and contravention of domestic violence orders.

The timing of Operation Shield aligns with Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month (May), a campaign designed to raise awareness about DFV and coercive control, highlight available support services, and send a clear message that violence in the community will not be tolerated.

Senior Sergeant Lee Fortune, Officer in Charge of Karana Downs, highlighted the proactive approach of Operation Shield.

“We are committed to protecting and supporting victims of domestic and family violence and holding perpetrators to account,” said Senior Sergeant Fortune.

“DFV is not only physical but can include abusive tactics that are emotional, sexual, financial, verbal, psychological, or technology-based.”

Operation Shield employs a series of risk assessment tools and considers various risk factors and previous offences.

This data is combined with the insights of specialist officers and DFV behavioural experts to identify offenders whose behaviour is most likely to escalate.

“Operation Shield is a great example of joining our resources to focus on DFV, hold offenders responsible, and prevent further victimisation,” said Senior Sergeant Fortune.

“Whether you’re an officer, community member, or organisation, everyone has a role to play in ending domestic and family violence.”

For more on this operation, you can watch the provided video footage.

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic and family violence, it is crucial to report it to the police.

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