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Grounds for high achievement at Springfield Anglican

Daniel Bouwmeester    September 14, 2023    3 min read   

The Springfield Anglican College (TSAC) celebrated the commencement of the College’s new Sports Centre with a turning of the sod ceremony on Wednesday, August 2. 

The Springfield Anglican College (TSAC) Principal Steven Morris, centre, turns up the first soil at the new Sports Centre site – with dignitaries, staff, students, and construction and architecture company representatives. All images: TSAC.

The event commenced with a welcome from Principal Steven Morris and the College Council Chair, Michael Willis.

Year 12 student Olivia Harding, the College Leader, gave the Acknowledgement of Country address before College Chaplain the Reverend Jonathan Kemp led a prayer for the safe construction of the project.

Mr Morris and Mr Willis then turned the sod.

Mr Morris said it was an appropriate time to begin construction given its coinciding with the school’s special anniversary occasion.

“This year our College celebrates its 25th year of providing outstanding educational opportunities to the students of greater Springfield,” he said.

“The Sports Centre will be the largest project ever undertaken by our College, and it is a building that will benefit all students at TSAC, both Primary and Secondary students.”

Since the College’s foundation, it has grown to now educate more than 1,100 students on two expansive campuses, providing quality and considered pastoral care.

“It is an essential building for a College that is growing and thriving within Greater Springfield.

About the centre

The new $18.08 million Sports Centre is the last building to be constructed as part of the College’s 2018-2022 Building Master Plan, and is anticipated to take 16 months to complete.

The College received $1.19 million in grant funding from the State Capital Assistance Scheme.

The centre will occupy the front of TSAC’s Secondary Campus, visible from the Springfield Greenbank Arterial.

The professional standard facility will allow students on both the Primary and Secondary Campuses to train and compete, featuring:

– two indoor sports courts

– three general learning classrooms

– and a presentation stage.

It will also be used for whole-College events, such as assemblies and awards ceremonies.

As a College, TSAC encourages students to participate in school sports as part of a well-rounded, holistic education, and an active and healthy lifestyle.

The new facility represents an investment in the students’ health and well-being and general teaching and learning opportunities.

Design images courtesy Fulton Trotter.

From left: Mayor Teresa Harding, Leila Alexander, Kaelan Bell, Luca Gigliotti, and Steven Morris, TSAC Principal.

From left: Olivia Harding, Charis Mullen MP, Makayla McDonough.

From left: Leila Alexander, Mayor Teresa Harding, Kaelan Bell, and Luca Gigliotti.

Jackie McComb (TSAC Business Manager), Jordan MP Charis Mullen, Mr Steven Morris, Mayor Teresa Harding, and Mr Michael Willis, TSAC Council Chair.

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