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BNI’s big show for local kids science

Daniel Bouwmeester    September 14, 2023    3 min read   

Members of Springfield’s local BNI (Business Network International) raised nearly $8,000 to fully fund a science show extravaganza at Camira State School held last month.

BNI’s Leisa Gill and Sharon McGrory, right, presented their cheque at assembly to Camira State School principal Kylie Bruce, left, on July 21. Images: BNI

Leisa Gill and Sharon McGrory – franchise owners of BNI Brisbane South West & Toowoomba and BNI Brisbane North, respectively – proudly presented the cheque of $7,980 at the school’s assembly on Friday, July 21.

The funds paid for each and every Camira State School student to participate in a Big Bang Science Show held at the school on Wednesday, August 16, to coincide with National Science Week (August 12-20).

Camira State School principal Kylie Bruce said she was grateful for the donation, noting that students from all year levels could take part in the “real life learning” activities as a result.

“This experience usually comes at a cost per student that families have to pay,” Ms Bruce said.

“This year, we were fortunate to have BNI Foundation Australia reach out, through one of our parents, to help out with the cost.

“BNI Foundation Australia and their local representatives, BNI One Brisbane, fundraised amongst themselves to pay for the entire cost of almost $8,000 to ensure that each and every child at Camira was able to be a part of this engaging and valuable learning experience.

“We are very grateful to BNI for their tremendous donation to the school, ensuring no child missed out.”

Also present on the day were Jordan MP Charis Mullen and Oxley MP Milton Dick, who participated in the voting for the winning student science experiment.

“One of the hardest votes I’ve ever had to cast: the best experiment at the Camira State School Science Fair!” Ms Mullen said.

“What an amazing group of students who set up brilliant displays of scientific facts and knowledge whilst also having a lot of fun.

“An absolute credit to the terrific STEM teachers who inspire these kids on a daily basis.”

mages: Charis Mullen MP and BNI Catalyst, respectively.

Support network

BNI is a “chamber of commerce”-style network where one attending member, representing their own company, in turn represents their respective industry area.

The Springfield chapter of BNI is called ‘BNI Catalyst’, and a new chapter that began late last year in Camira known as ‘BNI Advance’, which is seeking additional members.

Leisa Gill has been involved in BNI for 17 years, and became franchise owner of ‘BNI Brisbane South West & Toowoomba’ four years ago, helping to grow the region from 155 members to over 330. BNI Catalyst also now has 40 members.

The BNI Foundation this year commemorates its 25th anniversary, helping to improve children’s educational outcomes since 1998.

It has provided scholarships and educational resources to thousands of deserving children, supported schools and educational programs, and inspired a community of passionate individuals who believe in the power of education to shape a brighter future.

BNI Catalyst is held at Disciples Church, 31 Springfield Lakes Blvd. BNI Advance is held at Camira Springfield Community Centre, 389 Old Logan Road.

For more info, visit bnibrisbanewest.com.au or contact Leisa Gill on 0478 738 824 or at leisa@bnibrisbanewest.com.au.

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