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Bollywood film on the Domain screen

Daniel Bouwmeester    November 18, 2023    2 min read   


The Greater Springfield Indian Association (GSIA) is inviting the community to an open-air Bollywood movie screening at Robelle Domain next weekend.

The free night of entertainment will take place on Saturday, November 25, from 5:30pm – with pop-up food stalls available nearby for those looking to grab a snack.

The film will be broadcast onto the big screen that sits atop the main stage at The Circle, the centrepoint of Robelle Domain parklands.

GSIA president Mukesh Dubey said the night will be “unforgettable”.

“It’s an opportunity for families to come together, relax, and enjoy the magic of cinema in the great outdoors,” Mr Dubey said.

The choice of film, though, is remaining a surprise until the night – Mr Dubey nevertheless assured audiences of “a super hit Bollywood movie”.

‘Bollywood’ is a colloquial term referring to films made in India in the Hindi language – and are part of a wide lens of Indian cinema that audiences around the world embrace.

Such movies are typically big-budget affairs that include a mix of different genres such as action, drama, comedy, and romance, and often contain with dazzling musical sequences with intricately choreographed dance.

Following the Remembrance Day ceremony earlier in November and Dandiya Night in October, it is another event proving the Robelle Domain venue’s sheer diversity – in terms of not only the type of event, but also the multiculturalism of the community groups and audiences using and enjoying the amenity.

Guests should bring their own camping chairs, mats, rugs, and other comfort items like pillows and blankets for a comfy movie night.

The film will have English subtitles.

For more information about the Greater Springfield Indian Association, visit gsindianassociation.org.

Top image: Pixabay.

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