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Youth Week celebration at The Base

Guy Hazlewood    April 17, 2024    3 min read   

The Base Support Services Inc. (TBSSINC), or ‘The Base’ in Goodna, recently concluded a vibrant Youth Week event at their premises, reaffirming their commitment to the local youth community.

youth week
Youth Week at The Base. Source: The Base

The event, held in the car park of The Base, brought together young individuals from the area to celebrate Queensland Youth Week.

The Base service manager Jody Wilcox Service Manager expressed enthusiasm about the event.

“We hosted (a) Youth Week event at The Base in our car park. That event is to celebrate Queensland Youth Week,” she said.

“We sourced donations and sponsorship for the event to help pay for all the equipment and prizes on offer.”

The event featured a range of activities to engage and empower the youth, including a dunking machine, barbecue, giveaways, and special appearances by local services and the Goodna and Districts Rugby League Football Club.

A BBQ feast was on hand for all guests. Source: The Base

River 949, a popular local radio station, added to the excitement by organising giveaways and shout-outs during the event.

The Youth Week celebration is just one aspect of The Base’s extensive community support initiatives.

The organisation is in the process of establishing a dedicated youth hub in Goodna, aiming to address the pressing needs of young people in the area.

Wilcox elaborated on the vision behind the youth hub, highlighting its multifaceted approach to community support.

“We’ve got another property in Goodna just adjacent to ours where we work out of, which we’re turning into a youth hub,” she said.

“We provide food relief, information assessment and response, access to the internet, assistance with job applications and ID, as well as essential facilities like showering and clothes washing,” Wilcox explained.

In addition to providing essential services, The Base is actively seeking support from the community to bolster their efforts in establishing the youth hub.

Jodie issued a callout for sponsors and donors, emphasising the importance of collective action in creating a positive impact.

“We will accept help from anyone such as trade services, people who can spare some time, especially with the hub space in terms of setting it up, would be amazing,” she said.

The Base Support Services has been a cornerstone of the Goodna community for over three decades, offering a wide range of support services tailored to individual needs.

From assisting with legal matters and educational pursuits to providing access to recreational activities and essential resources, The Base remains steadfast in its mission to uplift and empower the community.

“We help with a range of things depending on your situation and we work within your local community to find supports that help with your situation.”

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