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Well-being workshops with charitable bent

Daniel Bouwmeester    October 4, 2022    3 min read   

A feel-good afternoon of yoga is on the way in mid-October, giving Springfield residents a special opportunity to care for both themselves and others in need.

Greenbank-based holistic accounting firm Business Wellness Hub (BWHub) and Ahimsa Hot Yoga are partnering together with Sol Natural Foods to offer a workshop session of yoga, meditation, and sound healing on Saturday, October 15, from 1pm to 3pm.

Jordan MP Charis Mullen and Oxley Federal MP Milton Dick are also planning to attend.

A short trip north to the Ahimsa studio in Richlands, tickets are only $20 – with light refreshments provided – and all proceeds go to the Yiliyapinya Indigenous Corporation, a not-for-profit that runs neuroplasticity (brain health) programs for vulnerable people.

The activity is one of a wide variety of events planned across the state as part of Queensland Mental Health Week, running October 8 to 16.

Owner and founder of BWHub Lynne Spalding said holding a Mental Health Week event to connect with and to support local business, charities, and community members is an important yearly tradition.

“Just as we approach our clients from a holistic strategy for their business growth, we too approach this event holistically, covering various aspects and levels of health and wellness to have amazing outcomes for those involved,” she said.

Images: Ahimsa Hot Yoga.

“Through this event, we hope to inspire others to become aware of their own health and wellness, connect with others and in turn develop a sense of belonging in their community.

“It also supports those in need to improve their memory, attention, brain speed, and social skills through this meaningful organisation.

“We feel all of these aspects will make a huge positive impact on the physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual well-being of those who attend the event, as well as the local community.”

Mental health issues affect more than one in five Australians every year.

Ahimsa Hot Yoga owner Megan Saffigna knows the importance of yoga for developing a strong mind-body connection.

“Yoga allows you to let go of the everyday thoughts and tasks that occupy your mind, bringing you focus and clarity to get your life in perspective,” she said.

“It develops resilience and reduces stress while also being a positive way to connect with your local community and build friendships in a low pressure environment.”

For more information and to book your spot in the workshops, visit www.ahimsahotyoga.com.au/workshops. Ahimsa Hot Yoga is located at 588 Boundary Road, Richlands, at the Darra Oxley Pony Club.

For more information about the charitable works of Yiliyapinya Indigenous Corporation, visit www.yiliyapinya.org.au.

Daniel Bouwmeester contributed to this story.

Images: Ahimsa Hot Yoga.

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