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Let UQ at Springfield know what YOU need to live your healthiest life

Daniel Bouwmeester    August 3, 2023    2 min read   

The University of Queensland Centre for Community Health and Wellbeing has been active in Springfield since March 2023.

The Centre is made up of researchers, professional staff, and students – who work together on their vision of creating happy, healthy communities.

The Centre values working with community members in research and decision making, creating genuine community engagement and partnerships, and exceeding world standards of quality research.

Health map

Images: The University of Queensland.

Led by Professor Lauren Ball, the Centre is purposefully situated in the heart of Springfield, in the Springfield Tower.

This location is important to enable community members to share their experiences, help design research programs, test out new interventions, and learn about the latest discoveries in health.

Some examples of work being done by the team include using community science to develop a digital map of Springfield health and wellbeing services, helping people with chronic conditions navigate the health system, and advancing the accessibility of health services for multicultural and priority populations.

Check In Survey

To start getting involved in the Centre, you can complete the “Springfield Health and Wellbeing Check In” survey.

This is your opportunity to influence the research direction of the team.

By sharing your thoughts, experiences and opinions, the Centre can act accordingly to design and deliver the solutions you want and need.

To complete the Health and Wellbeing Check In, you can either scan the QR code or use the link provided.

The survey can be completed on your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone. It takes just a few minutes to complete.

If you’re interested in joining the Centre’s network, please leave your email, or book a visit to the Centre office. To hear about partnership opportunities, please also email or visit.

Finally, the Centre is excited to be sharing regular monthly updates and information in The Greater Springfield Times.

– The University of Queensland Centre for Community Health and Wellbeing at Springfield

To take part in the Springfield Health and Wellbeing Check In survey, visit ​​loom.ly/9lzh85U or scan this QR code.

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