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Transforming women’s health in Springfield and beyond

Guy Hazlewood    April 3, 2024    2 min read   

In the heart of Springfield stands a beacon of empowerment and advocacy, Emma Atherton, whose unwavering dedication to enhancing women’s health and well-being is truly inspiring.

As a Co-Founder of iCare4U, Emma’s commitment shines through in every initiative she spearheads, whether orchestrating events, managing social media, or advocating for holistic healthcare.

Her leadership role on the board of iCare4U underscores her expertise and her relentless pursuit of a better, healthier world.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Emma’s life is a testament to her dedication.

Balancing the responsibilities of a devoted mother of five and a supportive wife to Adam, she immerses herself wholeheartedly in Kingdom Health Group Company, a cornerstone of allied health services in the region.

Together with Adam, she takes pride in ownership of Orion Family Physio and the recently opened Liberty Women’s Wellness, venues where Emma’s passion for community wellness is deep.

Emma’s advocacy is a deeply personal mission. Drawing from her own experiences, including confronting domestic violence, she champions safe spaces for women to be heard and supported.

Her vision for the future is clear: a world where all women receive the care and support they deserve.

Her dedication culminates in the recent opening of the women’s clinic, staffed by a team of allied health professionals.

This clinic is not just a medical facility; it’s a sanctuary, a beacon of empowerment and healing for women in need.

Emma’s impact reverberates far beyond the Springfield community, resonating in the transformation of women’s health landscapes everywhere.

Through her tireless advocacy and unwavering dedication, Emma is not just a driving force but a visionary, shaping a future where compassion and care are the cornerstones of healthcare.


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