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Sustainable shopping campaign launches at Orion Springfield Central

Guy Hazlewood    June 10, 2024    2 min read   

Mirvac’s Orion Springfield Central is spearheading a new initiative to promote sustainable shopping habits with the launch of the “Cool New Era” winter campaign.

Partnering with RCYCL, this campaign encourages shoppers to recycle their unwearable clothing and textiles, reflecting a strong commitment to environmental consciousness.

Mirvac’s collaboration with RCYCL will feature collection boxes across their retail centres, including Orion Springfield Central, where customers can easily drop off items no longer suitable for wear.

This effort not only helps reduce waste but also supports retailers who already practice sustainable shopping habits.

General Manager of Mirvac Retail Alison Flemming, expressed excitement about the campaign, highlighting its dual benefits for the environment and community.

“We often forget how much clothing we accumulate over time. Our campaign offers customers a way to recycle unwearable items and make a positive impact,” said Ms. Flemming.

Weekly updates on the amount of textiles recycled will be shared on the centre’s websites and social media pages to showcase shoppers’ contributions.

Mirvac is offering shoppers a chance to win $5,000 for a winter refresh.

Participants can enter the draw by spending at participating centres.

Additionally, centres will host sustainability-themed workshops and markets to engage the community further.

At Orion Springfield Central, several events are planned to enhance the sustainable shopping experience:

  • Green Thumbs Workshop: Scheduled during the school holidays.
  • Recycling Incentives: Customers who recycle their worn-out clothing will have a chance to win $500 (T&C apply).

For more information on the Cool New Era campaign, visit Orion Springfield Central’s website.

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