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Support for small business to adopt AI

Daniel Bouwmeester    January 14, 2024    3 min read   

Local small and medium businesses (SMEs) can now apply for a share in new funding to help them safely and responsibly adopt artificial intelligence.

The federal government launched the $17 million Responsible Artificial Intelligence Adopt Program earlier this month.

The program will involve the establishment of up to five so-called ‘AI Adopt Centres’ across Australia.

The AI Adopt Centres will consist of member organisations and create a national network for SMEs.

They will showcase the innovative capabilities that AI can unlock, provide guidance on how to adopt AI responsibly and efficiently, and provide specialist training to help develop specific skills to effectively manage AI.

The government is also now seeking applications from Australian businesses, industry partners, and research institutions who can deliver training and upskilling packages to SMEs at the new centres.

Each centre will target SMEs in a particular industry that is included in the Government’s National Reconstruction Fund priority areas.

Applications for the AI Adopt Program are open until January 29. More information about the program is available at business.gov.au/grants-and-programs/artificial-intelligence-ai-adopt-program.

“Enormous potential”

Minister for Industry and Science Ed Husic said that harnessing the power of AI would enhance productivity, helping to crack one of the biggest challenges facing Australia.

“[We have] identified trust as a key issue and a barrier to the adoption of AI,” Mr Husic said.

“We know many smaller businesses are not using AI because it seems too complex, so we want to help them incorporate it into their day-to-day activities.

“We’re setting up a network of centres that will give businesses clear and direct advice on how to integrate AI into their work systems.

“AI has enormous potential to support Australian businesses to gain a competitive edge in global markets.

“We’ve committed $17 million to the Responsible Artificial Intelligence Adopt Program, to establish new AI Adopt Centres to be a front door for AI use and advise Australian businesses nationwide.”

Blair MP Shayne Neumann said the federal government was making sure Australian small and medium enterprises had access to the information and advice they needed to adopt AI safely and responsibly.

“If you’re a local firm or research organisation in Blair with AI expertise, I strongly encourage you to apply.

“This is a great opportunity to use your skills and know-how to support local Australian small and medium enterprises to incorporate AI safely and responsibly into their day-to-day operations and boost their productivity.

“More innovative small businesses in Ipswich, the Somerset Region, and Karana Downs area means more local jobs and prosperity for the long term.”

Top image: IBM Transforming Eldercare with Artificial Intelligence, Robots, and the Internet of Things. Image: Jack Plunkett/Feature Photo Service for IBM.

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