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Staines students ‘goo’ for gold

Daniel Bouwmeester    April 6, 2023    2 min read   
All images: Staines Memorial College.

On the last day of Term 1, Staines Memorial College held a Slime Spectacular obstacle course event to help raise money for the school’s sports program.

The school raised a total of $5,200, an impressive result.

It was an event that all students could participate in — from kindergarten to Year 12 — communications officer Jeremy Williams said.

“Regardless of their age, all the students were enthusiastic about the event and worked hard to complete the obstacle course,” Mr Williams said.

The younger students were able to participate in a modified version that was age-appropriate.

Their obstacle course had its own set of hurdles and a smaller slide.

“They had a blast completing their obstacle course, and it was a great way to introduce them to the fundraising event.”

By contrast, older students had a more challenging obstacle course to tackle.

Teachers targeted them with slime guns, which added an extra level of difficulty to the obstacle course.

Overall, the fundraiser was a great way to encourage young children to get active and outdoors.

“The Slime Spectacular obstacle course had brought the entire school together for a good cause, and it was an event that would be remembered for years to come.”

Sports program

The funds raised will go towards equipment like soccer goals and even a new mascot.

“The students were determined to help raise money for their school sports program, and they had a great time doing it,” Mr Williams said.

“In the end, the event was a success, and it was all thanks to the students who participated.”

Staines Memorial College is a non-denominational Christian College located in the south of Redbank Plains, Ipswich.

It offers a Christian school culture and educational experience for students from kindergarten through to Year 12.

For all enquiries, visit the website at www.staines.qld.edu.au or call 3814 8600.

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