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St Augustine’s student continues youth advocacy

Guy Hazlewood    February 21, 2024    2 min read   

Now in his final year of high school, St Augustine’s College student Louie Galman has a determined mindset and ambitious goals.

Louie won the Young Citizen of the Year award at the 2024 Ipswich Australia Day Awards in January.

His continuous involvement in various organisations and initiatives such as the Ipswich Youth Advisory Council and the YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament (QYP) highlights his dedication to his community.

“I’ve been privileged to voice the concerns and aspirations of young Queenslanders directly to state decision-makers, contributing to substantive legislative discussions and advocating for meaningful change,” Louie said.

“Working alongside like-minded peers, I’ve tackled critical local issues, fostering a community where the youth voice is not just heard but is a driving force behind policy formulation and implementation.”

As a Youth Member for Bundamba in the 2023 YMCA QYP, Louie spearheaded the “Nurturing our Nutrition” Youth Bill which aimed to revolutionise how nutritional information and healthier eating options are presented to young Queenslanders.

“I was inspired by the simple wisdom imparted by my parents about the importance of nutritious eating,” he said.

“By restricting fast-food advertising near schools, introducing a sugar tax, and subsidising fresh produce, the bill lays a foundational step towards cultivating a healthier, more informed generation.”

As he embarks on his final year at St Augustine College, where he also won the Tolle Lege Award, Louie is excited about where his future goals take him.

“I am eager to continue my advocacy work and aspire to represent Bundamba in the 2024 YMCA QYP once again,” he said.

“Beyond Parliament, I dream of pursuing a career in medicine, specifically as an endocrinologist, where I can merge my passion for community service with healthcare.”

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Guy Hazlewood