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Springfield welcomes Aegros to BioPark

Daniel Bouwmeester    July 6, 2023    3 min read   

Springfield City Group has finalised an agreement to welcome biopharmaceuticals company Aegros into Springfield’s new technology hub, enabling them to develop a new blood plasma manufacturing facility.

The $352 million production facility is the first of many to be built as part of the Greater Springfield precinct – named BioPark Australia – wherein multiple life-saving biologic industries are expected to take root.

The founders of Aegros joined Springfield City Group (SCG) Chairman Mr Maha Sinnathamby and Deputy Chairman Mr Bob Sharpless at a signing ceremony on April 20.

The agreement enables Aegros to develop a 4.18 hectare (roughly 10 acre) site off Augusta Parkway and Technology Drive in Augustine Heights.

“This new facility is set to be the first project delivered as part of the new BioPark Australia precinct,” Mr Sinnathamby said.

The location will ensure healthcare patients in Springfield and across the country have access to safe, reliable, and affordable plasma medicines that can help fight infection or diseases such as Lupus, promote blood clotting, prevent shock, and assist with post-surgical recovery.

Aiming to begin operations in 2026, the facility will be built alongside Aegros’ new global headquarters.

The Queensland Government’s ‘Invested in Queensland’ program is supporting the development, whose construction will support an estimated 230 jobs.

Aegros anticipates operation of the facility will provide 348 long-term jobs in its first four years.

Mr Sinnathamby said SCG – the Greater Springfield master developer – is dedicated to attracting industries across commercial, education, health, innovation technology, and lifestyle sectors, and “enhancing human capital”.

“We envision that other biomedical and innovative companies will soon join Aegros here in Greater Springfield,” Mr Sinnathamby said.

“We are very excited about this project and a number of other high-profile projects currently in development in Greater Springfield.”

Growing demand

Aegros Founding Executive Chair Professor Hari Nair said the demand for plasma is rising rapidly, especially following the COVID-19 crisis.

Image: Aegros.

“The global and Australian market for safe, secure, and affordable therapeutic plasma and blood products is only increasing,” Professor Nair said.

“The development of HaemaFrac, our unique fractionation process, has been a 30-year journey for myself and Co-Founder and Managing Director John Manusu.”

The site will be able to produce 2 million litres of plasma through its advanced, high-yield ‘fractionation’ technology, thus making the facility one of the largest producers of plasma in the world.

“We are excited HaemaFrac is going to be used to increase Australia’s ability to meet its own demand for plasma products, reduce the reliance on overseas supply chains, reduce costs for Australian patients, and develop and deliver fast responses whenever another pandemic arises.”

Bolstered by its own research and development capability, Professor Nair said Aegros was looking to collaborate with Queensland’s medical community and universities to develop new plasma therapies to address diseases with unmet therapeutic needs.

“In this way Aegros is also proud to be able to contribute to the country’s future pandemic preparedness.”

Visit ​​aegros.com.au/haemafrac-2 for more information.

Read more about the benefits of fractionated plasma supplies here: www.lifeblood.com.au/health-professionals/products/fractionated-plasma-products

Read more about BioPark Australia here: greaterspringfield.com.au/our-precincts/innovation/biopark.

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