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Springfield United FC hosts Mini-Roo carnival

Guy Hazlewood    April 26, 2024    3 min read   


Springfield United FC hosted its annual Mini-Roo Carnival last month, drawing in a crowd of enthusiastic young footballers and supporters from across Brisbane.

The Mini-Roo carnival was a hit for Springfield United FC. Source: Tom Webb.

The event, which saw a remarkable 1400 players participating, provided a platform for budding talents to showcase their skills, learn the game, and even take on the role of referees.

Tom Webb, Operations Manager of Springfield United FC, highlighted the club’s growth over the years.

“I’ve been involved in the club for about 10 years now and have worked for the club for four years,” he said.

“The club has grown from 200 players to around 1400 players this year, so the growth has been huge.”

The Mini-Roo Carnival, a highlight in the club’s calendar, offered young players a unique opportunity.

With approximately 130 games played throughout the weekend, the Mini-Roo Carnival provided each participant with a substantial amount of playing time.

“You can have an under-six child that’s never played football in his life and he’s getting a month’s worth of football in one weekend.”

“The feedback we get from the coaches is always about the difference in confidence and skill from some of their players post the carnival.”

The carnival featured matches ranging from sixes and sevens to under-eights, nines, tens, and twelves, attracting 16 clubs to Springfield.

Tom emphasised the significance of this event in promoting football in Springfield and Ipswich.

“It’s a good tool to promote Springfield and Ipswich football that you can host the carnival,” he said.

“We had clubs from Brisbane to the Gold Coast, so we brought in a wide range of audience to the Springfield region.”

The event also addressed the ongoing challenge of a shortage of football referees in Queensland.

Springfield United FC has taken proactive steps to nurture young referees from within the club.

“Instead of struggling for referees, let’s give the kids to play at the club the opportunity to become referees,” said Tom.

“Our club registrar, Steve Riddell, plays a big part in our junior referee program, so not only are we growing players, but we’re also growing referees as well.”

A notable aspect of the carnival was the involvement of senior-level players from Springfield United FC’s first team, who volunteered their time to support and mentor the young players.

“Our first team men and women’s players were down throughout the weekend helping out at the club,” Tom said.

“They volunteered at the canteen, around the grounds and with the juniors who look up to the senior playing group.”

Springfield United FC’s commitment to developing young talent is evident, with a focus on producing future stars for the club.

“It’s something that we have committed time, money, and effort to do over the last couple of years,” said Tom.

“It’s improving the juniors, so in five or six years those kids will be the first team superstars that are getting the club promoted and winning trophies.”

Looking ahead, Springfield United FC faces a positive challenge with a growing number of players.

“We’re at capacity at the moment, and the Springfield area is continuing to grow as well,” he said.

“I’m excited to see how big we’re going to be in a few years.”


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