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Springfield roadworks moving into the fast lane

Daniel Bouwmeester    July 4, 2023    3 min read   

Ipswich City Council announced yesterday that the next phases of the Springfield Parkway-Springfield Greenbank Arterial road duplication have been fast-tracked – with traffic changes already in effect since last Thursday.

Growth, Infrastructure and Waste Committee Chair Teresa Harding said the upgrade from two to four lanes would now be completed some eight weeks earlier than expected thanks to the 2023-2024 Budget.

“This year’s budget included $23.7 million to progress Stage 1 and Stage 3 works on these major roads, which are critical access routes for Springfield residents,” Mayor Harding said.

“The change could save at least eight weeks on project construction, meaning motorists will be reaping the benefits of the work sooner.

“It will also improve community and contractor safety, reduce the need for nightworks, and fast-track the installation of new traffic lights, which will reduce costs to ratepayers.

The Springfield Parkway-Springfield Greenbank Arterial roundabout will be removed for the project’s duration – resulting in detours, but traffic will flow much more smoothly.

Pedestrian detours as well as a temporary bus stop on Escarpment Drive will be implemented.

Furthermore, traffic access to Hymba Yumba Independent School will be detoured periodically via the Main Street roundabout.

Images: Ipswich City Council.

Division 2 Councillor Nicole Jonic said it would be a big adjustment – but a short-lived one.

“Council assessed all available options for traffic flow during this major construction stage before opting for this traffic switch,” Cr Jonic said.

“We appreciate the impact such a major road project has on local residents and are focused on completing these roadworks as soon as possible to benefit residents with a faster, safer route in and out of Springfield.”

Ipswich City Council also provided the following roadworks schedule information:

Phases 1 and 2

  • Removal of the Springfield Greenbank Arterial-Springfield Parkway roundabout will allow continuous flow of traffic.
  • The Escarpment Drive-Springfield Greenbank Arterial intersection will open to left-turn in and left-turn out traffic movements only.
  • Vehicles accessing the Centenary Motorway will use either Eden Station Road or detour via the Main Street roundabout, then Bridgewater roundabout.

Phase 1 only – two weeks, ending Friday, July 13, 2023:

  • The Escarpment Drive-Springfield Parkway intersection will become a dedicated left-turn in only.
  • Vehicles leaving the Escarpment Drive Estate will need to use the Springfield Greenbank Arterial exit. Vehicles needing to turn right will detour via Main Street roundabout then Bridgewater Road roundabout.

Phase 2 only – 10 weeks, ending mid-September, 2023:

  • The Escarpment Drive-Springfield Parkway intersection will be a dedicated left-turn out only, with vehicles merging into Springfield Parkway.
  • Vehicles required to turn right will use the Springfield Parkway intersection or the detour via Main Street roundabout.

Funding for the upgrades to Springfield Parkway and Springfield Greenbank Arterial have been jointly supplied by Council and the state government through the Transport Infrastructure Development Scheme (TIDS).

For more information on the project, residents can contact the Council on 3810 6666 or via capitalprojects@ipswich.qld.gov.au.

For general council roadworks info, visit ipswich.qld.gov.au/about_council/initiatives/works-and-projects.

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