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Springfield community comes together for Clean Up Australia Day

Guy Hazlewood    March 25, 2024    2 min read   

Last month, Springfield community members came together for the Clean Up Australia Day event coordinated by Springfield Lakes Nature Care Inc. held on March 3.

Those who attended included Scouts Camira and Redbank Plains, Navodaya Group, Greater Springfield Indian Association and residents of Springfield.

Springfield Lakes Nature Care president Luise Manning expressed gratitude to the organisers and participants, emphasising the importance of community collaboration in environmental stewardship.

“The report has already been submitted to the Clean Up Australia organisation and our State Member, Charis Mullen MP, who attended the event,” she said.

clean up
The clean up group with their collected bags of rubbish. Source: Springfield Lakes Nature Care Inc.

State MP Charis Mullen also praised the efforts of Springfield Lakes Nature Care Inc. and thanked them for coordinating the event, along with providing a much needed morning tea.

Luise expressed relief at the decrease in discarded face masks found during the clean-up compared to previous years.

“Thank goodness the pandemic mask-wearing mandate is over,” Luise said.

The clean-up efforts yielded positive results, with participants collecting various items such as aluminium cans, soft plastics, plastic bags, and takeaway coffee cups.

clean up
The pile of unique rubbish collected. Source: Springfield Lakes Nature Care Inc.

Additionally, unique items including a fire extinguisher, a large plastic tarp, and an electric floor lamp were among the items retrieved.

Luise also extended appreciation to Springfield local Toni, who contributed by collecting plastic bottles, shoes, tennis balls, and balls from Discovery Lake in a kayak.

The collective efforts of the community underscored the importance of environmental consciousness and community engagement in preserving the local Springfield Lakes ecosystem.

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Guy Hazlewood