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Springfield and Collingwood clash in Lightning Cup showcase

Guy Hazlewood    March 21, 2024    3 min read   

In a thrilling display of community spirit and sportsmanship, the Greater Springfield Storm and Collingwood Park Power recently collided in the Lightning Cup, marking an exciting chapter in the local football scene.

Luke Playfair, the President of Greater Springfield Football Club, shed light on the significance of this event, emphasising the unity and camaraderie it fostered between the two clubs.

The Greater Springfield Storm took out the inaugural Lightning Cup. Source: Greater Springfield Storm

Having transitioned from a junior club to the senior realm just last year, Springfield found itself on stable ground, ready to showcase its strength in the Lightning Cup.

Luke highlighted the long-standing relationship between Greater Springfield and Collingwood Park, spanning many years of mutual support and collaboration.

“The match wasn’t solely about victory,” he said.

“It was a celebration of football’s strength in Ipswich and support (for) the thriving local footy culture.”

Despite being in their inaugural senior season and competing in Division Four, Greater Springfield managed to secure a victory against Collingwood Park, who occupied the higher Division Three space.

“The match allowed our boys and Collingwood to connect and challenge themselves a couple of weeks before the season starts,” Luke said.

Securing the Brighton Homes football field with the assistance of the Brisbane Lions added to the event’s prestige, providing a fitting stage for the inaugural match.

The Greater Springfield Storm entered their first senior side last year and were under heavy restrictions and entry regulations, which was a challenge for the club.

“We now have the shackles removed which is great for us,” he said.

“Our senior program now boasts close to forty players and I’m hopeful to increase that over the years.”

Paving the way for future AFL stars

Springfield’s Auskick program is also a cornerstone of the club’s expansion efforts.

With an impressive 200 registered Auskickers, Springfield boasts the largest Auskick program in the state, signalling a promising trajectory for the club’s future.

The Auskick program at Springfield is the biggest in QLD. Source: Greater Springfield Storm

“We’re hoping to achieve a forty to fifty percent conversion rate in our Auskick program,” he said.

“As a club, we want to turn Springfield into one of Queensland’s premier AFL clubs.”

Reflecting on his tenure as president, Luke recounted the remarkable growth of Springfield’s youth programs, particularly the under-nine girls’ category, which has experienced exponential expansion.

“The surge in female participation aligns with Springfield’s commitment to inclusivity and pathway development,” he said.

“We have plans underway to introduce senior women’s teams in the near future.”

Luke’s vision for the future is to have players want to play for their city, not just their club.

“We want players living locally and playing locally,” he said.

“Playing for your city, where you live, and staying here from juniors through to seniors is important for us as a club.”

By nurturing grassroots initiatives and fostering a sense of belonging for players of all ages and backgrounds, the Greater Springfield Storm Football Club stands poised to leave an indelible mark on the Queensland AFL landscape.

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Guy Hazlewood