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Service to Remember

Daniel Bouwmeester    November 15, 2022    2 min read   

Friday, November 11 was Remembrance Day, and from 10:45am, residents were welcomed at a special service held at the Springfield Central ADF Memorial to reflect on the sacrifices of Australian soldiers during and since the First World War.

The ceremony culminated in a traditional minute’s silence at 11:11am.

Mr Doug Egan – a former service member of the RAAF – currently serves as president of the Greater Springfield Sub Branch of RSL Queensland’s South Eastern District.

He said Remembrance Day is a wonderful time not just to reflect on his service and honour the service of his mates, but to look to the future of the RSL.

“​​Growing up, the RSL was a big part of my life, and we would assist our local chapter every ANZAC Day. Now I have the opportunity to work with RSL Queensland to better the organisation and play a part in its future.”

“There’s a bit of a perception that after you finish your service you’re left to dry and if your mates are still serving, it can feel lonely. But there are communities like RSL Queensland that you can go to and reconnect.”

“The guys from Greenbank and Sunnybank, for example, have been fantastic to us. It’s important we step up to make sure its long-standing history continues.”

Image: Monument Australia.

Mr Egan said that the biggest challenge for the RSL is focussing on digital marketing and modernising the organisation to build interest from younger people.

“Realistically, we’re a hundred-year-old organisation with 20-, 30-, 40-year-old veterans, and 80-year-old SOPs [Statements of Principles].”

The beautiful ADF monument, designed by Vee Design and funded by the ANZAC Centenary Grants Program, sits to the left of the stage at Robelle Domain, and comprises a 10-metre metal light tower with a special perforated white steel sleeve that can hold poppies and other memorial flowers.

At night, the tower can be lit up like a torch to represent the “eternal flame of remembrance”.

For more information about the Greater Springfield Sub Branch, visit www.rslsouthqueensland.org or www.facebook.com/GreaterSpringfieldRSL – alternatively, you can email admin@greaterspringfield.rslqld.net.au.

Image: Charis Mullen MP.

Top: The Remembrance Day ceremony, last year, held at the Springfield Central ADF Memorial, at the Circle at Robelle Domain Parklands. Image: Councillor Nicole Jonic.

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