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We’d love to hear from you about the people, places and events that you’d like to see highlighted in Logan West. Feel free to contribute a story or tell us about the things you think ought to be celebrated. Highlight a friend’s achievement, champion a worthy cause, spotlight your community’s beauty, commemorate a historical event, honour a neighbour’s courage, acknowledge a good deed, mark a memorable milestone or propose a great idea.
It is a core value of PRNews that we use the magazine to shine the light on the good things we want to see more of. It’s a good news magazine that celebrates who we are and does what it can to foster a healthy, vibrant community that individuals and families can enjoy for generations to come.
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  1. As Park Ridge News (PRN) is published monthly, your information may need to be publicised in a previous month – please check the delivery date which best suits your event.
  2. Keep length between 300 and 350 words.
  3. Articles should be informative and factual; not manipulative or divisive.
  4. As this is a community/family orientated publication, articles should seek to encourage, inspire and build up our readers. It is preferred that you talk positively about what you are for rather than negatively about what you are against.
  5. Contributions must not advertise a business (see Advertising if you would like to advertise). Contact names or numbers will be included at the editors discretion.
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  11. Page placement of articles within the publications are at the discretion of PRN. Deadlines and publication dates may be subject to change without notice.