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Robelle Domain requires extensive cleanups following floods

Nathanael Priebbenow    April 2, 2024    2 min read   

The Ipswich City Council was required to repeat extensive cleanup operations of Robelle Domain Parklands after heavy rainfall throughout December, January and February. 

Robelle Domain is a large recreational public space located adjacent to Orion Shopping Centre in central Springfield. The popular spot, spreading over 24 hectares, saw its lower areas completely submerged at certain points. 

Floodwaters cover the lower parklands area. Photo credit: Charis Mullen MP via Facebook, January 2 2024. 
Robelle Domain Parklands after the flooding. Photo by author.

Ipswich City Council chief executive officer Sonia Cooper described the council’s response to the flooding, which was foiled multiple times due to ongoing rainfall. 

“The initial clean-up involved between 30 and 40 council officers, down to five Robelle Domain crewmembers by the finish of work. Volunteers were not used,” she said.

“The December rain event was particularly destructive, with category two cyclonic winds that brought down or otherwise damaged a significant number of mature trees on the site.”

Rainfall Damage Assessment at Robelle Domain Parklands

Sonia said the parklands immediately adjacent to the creek line, lower-level grassed sections and multiple pathways were heavily affected and were closed for repairs.

“Damage included erosion along pathways, the creek line and to garden beds, with large volumes of silt and sediment deposits requiring removal,” she said.

“There was also significant loss of mulch and vegetation from gardens, extensive damage to irrigation, as well as minor damage to timber bridges at creek crossings, public barbecue equipment and picnic shelters.

“Several areas of the parklands were opened and closed over the two to three month period as the rain returned.”

Due to the flooding, five Saturday parkrun events in the parklands were suspended in January and February.

Robelle Domain is now almost completely open and accessible to visitors, however some barbeques remain non-operational, with repairs to be completed in the coming weeks. 

The rainforest boardwalk and pathway below remain closed to public access until further notice.

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