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Recommended ‘doughs’ of donations

Daniel Bouwmeester    October 8, 2022    3 min read   

The young owner of a traditional Italian restaurant is committed to donating pizzas on a weekly basis to those most in ‘knead’.

Claudio d’Andrea, the boisterous head chef behind the kitchen counter at Pizzeria La Prima, in Springfield Central, gives away at least one pizza every Monday in partnership with Westside Community Care, a local charity organisation.

The benefit of giving was “priceless”, Claudio said.

“It’s just a couple of pizzas… It seems easy, but every little bit helps.”

Claudio opened Pizzeria La Prima in 2016, quickly building a reputation for serving some of Brisbane’s best pizza and pasta.

They make all the pasta and dough by hand, fresh in store daily.

“We make traditional Italian pizza and dishes from Italian cuisine, like fresh gnocchi,” Claudio said.

Caption: Claudio’s menu is freshly made and includes cheese plates and traditional desserts like chocolate-drizzled cannoli. Images: Pizzeria La Prima.

Unmistakable are his warmth and passion for looking after people, whether through his delicious comfort food or ‘food for the soul’.

“It’s massive for me. It’s about helping, it’s being kind, it’s about going above and beyond,” he said.

“I know how a family – or someone – can look fine, but there is more to it that no one knows.”

The restaurant allows diners to donate ‘pay-it-forward’ pizzas, which add to the supply of Monday-night munificence.

“Not too long ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Phil Cutcliffe [from] Westside Community Care. We thought that ‘paying it forward’ would be an easy way for our customers to think and be kind towards other people and families in this community,” Claudio explained.

“How it works, basically, is next time you come for a pizza, if you like, you can order an extra one to add onto our ‘pay-it-forward’ wall. We’ll keep the receipt for that pizza, and Phil [will send] families our way who really need the help.”

Phil, a pastor at Springfield Christian Family church, praised Claudio’s community spirit.

“Claudio and his team are awesome, not just to their customers, but also to the community,” Phil said.

June Johnson, a fellow volunteer organiser with Westside, said Claudio has had a positive impact in the community.

“Many families need a special treat especially in these tougher times,” June said.

“Claudio is so wonderfully generous and obliging, and it is time for us to honour and bless him with our support. Claudio, you are a generous and thoughtful young businessman with a big heart for the community.”

Claudio has also made a number of personal contributions to the Camira-based charity.

In 2020, he generously donated to the Christmas Toy and Food Drive. He also supplied them with pre-loved goods from his personal storage shed, including a washing machine, dryer, microwave, tables, and mattresses. Later, he donated two lounges.

In addition, the restaurant has been an ongoing gold-level sponsor of the Springfield United Football Club.

Pizzeria La Prima offers dine-in, takeaway, and delivery through Menulog and Uber Eats. Visit at 1 Ian Keilar Drive (Shop 3), Springfield Central, or call 3470 1026 for takeaway, from 6pm daily.

Claudio regularly posts special deals on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

Daniel Bouwmeester

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