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Queensland Fire and Rescue triumphs in ANZAC Cup

Guy Hazlewood    April 24, 2024    2 min read   

The second annual Anzac Cup was held at Brighton Homes Arena on April 19, with the free event attracting 2000 people across the afternoon.

The Queensland Fire and Rescue Blazing Bears Women clinched a 17-3 win against the South East Queensland Army Lions.

The South East Queensland Army Lions men’s side retaliated with a 26-16 victory against the Blazing Bears in the second leg. 

Queensland Fire and Rescue Blazing Bears Women’s team. Source: Jed Edwards

Queensland Army Lions men’s team. Source: Jed Edwards

Despite this, the Queensland Fire and Rescue team emerged triumphant on aggregate points, securing their grasp on the ANZAC Cup.

ANZAC Cup event coordinator Jed Edwards expressed his joy at the outcome, highlighting the overwhelming community support that surpassed expectations from the previous year. 

“It was fantastic. The crowd involved in the community was bigger than what I was expecting compared to last year,” Jed said.

Amidst the stress of organising such an event, Jed said the event came together smoothly.

The match ball was delivered from a rescue helicopter. Source: Jed Edwards

“It was very stressful on the day but everything came together really well and I was wrapped with how the event ended up taking place,” he said.

The event featured an array of attractions, from QFES trucks, heavy armoured vehicles and even a helicopter delivering the match ball. 

“The army’s armoured vehicle was a huge fan favourite with a line-up of 15 people deep all night,” Jed said.

The sense of community was palpable, with families from all walks of life coming together to enjoy the festivities. 

“I had a chance to walk around the grounds and interact with families and locals to ask how their night was going,” he said.

Jed said having a free event for families to attend, watch AFL and have their faces painted made for a special night for everyone involved.

 “All the feedback I got was positive with the whole community out there happy to attend something special,” he stated.


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