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Planting a green future at Vedanta Centre

Daniel Bouwmeester    February 8, 2023    2 min read   

The Vedanta Centre held its inaugural tree-planting event at its Springfield Lakes establishment just before Christmas, with generous support from all levels of government.

The event took place at lunchtime on Saturday, December 17, with guests and dignitaries planting a range of native trees in the Centre’s new Mandala garden, which opened to the public recently.

Vedanta Centre vice president Swami Atmeshananda gave a speech on the day highlighting the meaning of the ceremony for the environment and the community, and offered gracious words of thanks to all the attendees.

They included a number of local, state, and federal parliamentarians: Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding, Division 2 Councillor Nicole Jonic, Jordan MP Charis Mullen, Oxley MP Milton Dick, Blair MP Shayne Neumann, and Senator Paul Scarr.

Vedanta Centre communications and engagement officer Sally Kinnaird, described the important role the site can play in maintaining a healthy, sustainable environment.

“This is a long-term project, which we hope will improve existing gardens for our local community, assist in the fight for climate change, and provide habitat for our much-loved local fauna.”

The trees were jointly funded through the Vedanta Centre and the Australian Government’s ‘Planting Trees for The Queen’s Jubilee Program’.

The Vedanta Centre and Maa Sarada’s Kitchen are located at 96 Vedanta Drive, Springfield Lakes. For further information about visiting or donating to the Vedanta Centre, or for volunteering enquiries, contact: info@vedantabrisbane.org or 3818 9986.

Images: Vedanta Centre, Mayor Teresa Harding, Charis Mullen MP

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