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‘Moving’ book for moving home

Daniel Bouwmeester    January 8, 2024    3 min read   

A local realtor is helping to calm anxious young ones with her original bedtime story about moving to a new home.

Beau Miller, the owner of real estate business Beautique Realty, in Augustine Heights, published a children’s story book in 2021 titled Little Red is Moving House.

“At Beautique Realty, we believe that with an open inquisitive mind our book can show children that moving house is not so scary after all,” Beau said.

“By creating a book that aligns with our brand mascot Little Red, we have been able to support our Beautique clients’ children in their move during the most stressful part.”

Images: Beautique Realty.

Beau won the Community Contribution award at the Property Management Partners Awards in 2022 for publishing the book.

Frequent childhood moves can contribute to anxiety and feelings of unhappiness and dissatisfaction for some children, and affect quality social relationships, Beau explained.

Research has shown it can take up to 16 months for a child to adjust to a relocation – the biggest period of stress being the two weeks before and two weeks after.

The book assists parents in providing vital emotional support during this time.

“It is designed to build connections with our clients and customers, and provide families a bedtime story book that helps the child or children to imagine what their new bedroom could be like in their new home.”

“The use of children’s literature, books and movies are wonderful for helping children prepare for and understand difficult situations. Story characters who model successful coping strategies are an excellent resource for children. Through books, you can teach, motivate, thrill, or lull a child to sleep.”

Defence connection

Defence families, on average, move nearly every three years, meaning some children relocate as many as seven times before the age of 18, Beau explained.

This is particularly meaningful for Beau, whose husband James has been a soldier in the Australian Defence Force for over 25 years.

“Many defence families are not able to stay in one location, and with our growing connection to Defence Relocations we’ve been able to use this ‘Little’ book to assist Defence families as well as the wider Greater Springfield families in their relocation,” Beau said.

“We hope that in future it will also provide an avenue to raise money – via the Wounded Heroes charity – in assisting homeless veterans and their families find shelter and stay safe.

“[Veterans] have spent their entire careers protecting our [national] home, now it’s time we ensure they have one of their own.”

To obtain a copy of Little Red is Moving House, contact Beau Miller. Visit beautiquerealty.com.au/staff/beau-miller for details. 100% of proceeds are donated to charity – rather than a set price, it costs a donation of “what you think it is worth”.

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