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Mater sets up Springfield for a healthy future

Guy Hazlewood    June 6, 2024    3 min read   

A new health and education centre, Mater Health Hub, was officially opened in Springfield on June 8, marking a significant milestone in community-based services for the rapidly growing region.

Mater Health Hub, Springfield is a purpose-built centre providing healthcare services for families and educational courses for school-leavers and career-changers. 

Brisbane Archbishop Mark Coleridge alongside Mater Health Hub students. Source: Springfield Mater

This innovative centre represents Mater’s first venture into delivering healthcare and wellbeing services outside a hospital or clinical setting.

Mater Executive Director of Health Integration and Community Care Dr Fiona Hinchliffe highlighted the hub’s unique approach.

“It’s the first time we have delivered healthcare and wellbeing services out of a hospital or clinical setting,” Dr Hinchliffe said.

“Mater has operated a private hospital in Springfield since 2015 and is partnering with the State Government to build a new public hospital next door, expected to open in 2026.

But the Health Hub is a response to community demand for services outside of clinical settings to enable more people to access health and wellbeing services and programs.”

More than 70 people attended the official opening, including Brisbane Archbishop Mark Coleridge and Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding.

The event featured a traditional smoking ceremony and Welcome to Country performed by the Indigenous group Nunukul Yuggera Dance Company.

The health hub offers dedicated services for mothers and babies, including lactation support, postnatal physiotherapy, and psychology, as well as chronic disease management and healthy ageing care.

Munruben mother-of-nine Susan Erbacher praised the local availability of specialised care following the birth of her ninth child, Hugh, at Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane.

“She has assisted me with pelvic floor exercises and getting back to exercise after having a caesarean section, and she has helped me to be really realistic with my expectations,” Mrs Erbacher shared.

“Having expertise like this locally has been amazing.”

In addition to healthcare services, Mater Education delivers its Diploma of Nursing program at the hub, partnering with the State Government to offer the course for free under the government’s Fee-Free TAFE initiative.

“More than 100 school-leavers and career-changers are currently studying at the Southern Cross Circuit facility and will be part of the next generation of healthcare workers for this community and beyond,” Dr Hinchliffe said.

The students learn in state-of-the-art simulation rooms, classrooms, an auditorium, and spaces for pathology and in-home care courses.

Diploma of Nursing students can graduate as Enrolled Nurses after 18 months, ready to work in hospitals.

“This blend of health, wellbeing, and education services is unique in Queensland, but we know it’s what so many people in this fast-growing community want to access,” Dr Hinchliffe said.

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