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Ipswich paramedic to receive service medal on Australia Day

Daniel Bouwmeester    January 26, 2023    3 min read   

An Ipswich-based paramedic has been announced today as one of three recipients of an Ambulance Service Medal, as part of the Australia Day 2023 Honours List.

Mark Nugent is the Ipswich Senior Operations Supervisor for the Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS), and is responsible for emergency services support across the West Moreton region, including Springfield.

He has had a long and distinguished ambulance career, which is being recognised today.

After hearing about his achievement, Mr Nugent said he was quite stunned.

“It was a bit of a shock, but also I was quite excited by it – by the fact that it was an award given to me by my peers, as well as other people within the organisation where we already have high standards,” he said.

“To be recognised at a high level and being rewarded for these standards, I see it as quite an honour.”

Mr Nugent’s career began with the former Queensland Ambulance Transport Brigade in 1989 as an Honorary Ambulance Officer, and he was permanently appointed as an Ambulance Officer the same year. 

He said after more than 30 years of working with the QAS, his biggest passion is for his staff and their patients.

“Looking after our staff is paramount to ensuring good patient outcomes,” he said.

“If staff are comfortable and reassured, they’ll be confident to go out and deal with the situations our patients are faced with – so our patients and paramedics are inextricably linked.

QAS Commissioner Craig Emery said Mr Nugent’s commitment to developing his knowledge and skills led him to undertake myriad roles including Clinical Support Officer, Regional Operations Supervisor, acting Area Director, and acting Senior Clinical Educator.

Images: QAS Media.

“Mr Nugent is widely recognised for his experience and passion for emergency management – a highly specialised area,” Mr Emery said.

“His expertise in emergency management includes major incident management, emergency management operations and major events (including planning) which routinely sees him as a leader for major events planning and management at a Statewide level. 

“In 2020, Mr Nugent was the Forward Commander of a tragic incident at Wyaralong where he provided an exemplary level of leadership to the major multi-agency and multi-casualty incident which continues to have a profound effect on all who attended. 

“His operational management of this event and his peers, both during and afterwards has been commended by his peers and supervisors.” Mr Emery said. 

Mr Emery said Mr Nugent’s efforts in ensuring the ongoing welfare and safety of QAS staff following major cases and events sets him apart from many others. 

“His extensive efforts and absolute passion to make sure the welfare of our people and patients is always at the fore and is highly regarded,” Mr Emery said.

“Mr Nugent’s passion to positively influence the lives of patients and colleagues through his role as an SOS is recognised by those he has supported and mentored throughout his 33 years of service.  

“He continues to demonstrate conduct, integrity and distinguished frontline service well beyond the standard.”

Affectionately known as “Nugget”, Mark has a beloved reputation in the broader Ipswich community for his dedication to service.

Commenting on a Facebook post about Mark’s achievements, Darryl Waters said: “‘Nugget’ had a huge influence on me as a paramedic. His professional but practical approach was a joy to learn from.”

Cherrie Batten said: “I have met Mark on a few occasions. What a true gentleman full of compassion and dedication for the service. Respect.”

You can read the full list of honours here: https://www.gg.gov.au/australia-day-2023-honours-list

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