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Ipswich hospital donations for new mums

Daniel Bouwmeester    December 21, 2023    2 min read   

Locals and dignitaries donated funds as well as much-needed maternal care gifts at the annual Ipswich Hospital Foundation (IHF) Impact Day.

The event took place at Ipswich Hospital the morning of Wednesday, December 13.

The primary purpose of Impact Day is to raise funds so that regional-based mums and others can receive vital care closer to home.

Rita Anwari, president and founder of Springfield-based Women Empowerment and Leadership (WEL), donated bags of comfort items to mothers of premature babies.

“Amidst a spirited one-day fundraising drive, WEL took a resounding step forward by generously donating 30 thoughtfully curated bags,” she said.

Packed to the brim with essentials tailored for both women and newborns, the bags held a collective value of at least $300 each.

“These gestures are designed to evoke joy and bright smiles, especially during this festive season,” Ms Anwari said.

Images: Shayne Neumann MP.

Ms Anwari said it was about creating moments of happiness, and acted as a reminder of the power in rallying together to make a difference.

“This collaborative effort highlights the strength and compassion within our community [and is an] unwavering commitment to women at every stage of their lives,” she said.

“By nurturing women’s empowerment, we’re nurturing a brighter future for everyone.”

Blair MP Shayne Neumann said it was great to support Impact Day.

“Special thanks to Rita Anwari and Women Empowerment and Leadership, donating over 30 dignity packs for new mums,” Mr Neumann said.

For more information about Impact Day, and to donate, visit ihfchristmas.raisely.com.

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