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Food for thought at Chairman’s luncheon

Daniel Bouwmeester    February 28, 2023    2 min read   

Some of Springfield’s businesses got a taste of wisdom at a special luncheon and book promotion event recently, held in honour of Springfield’s development mastermind.

Over 180 people attended the “Business Lunch” event at Brookwater Golf & Country Club, featuring a much anticipated guest speech by Maha Sinnathamby AM, the Chairman of Springfield City Group (SCG).

The lunch was emceed by his son, Narendran Sinnathamby, who is also the Director of Marketing and Communications at SCG.

Mr Sinnathamby dreamed up the plans for Greater Springfield city three decades ago with Deputy Chairman Bob Sharpless.

Drawing from those experiences, Mr Sinnathamby published his book “Stop Not Till the Goal is Reached” in 2013.

Maha was there to share his personal stories with the enthralled audience: stories of past failures and his almighty will to “stop not till the goal is reached”, as the book title instructs.

According to the publisher, Maha Sinnathamby’s book was written to inspire readers to “believe that it doesn’t matter what you want, who you are, where you live, the colour of your skin or your gender – there are hallmarks to success that you can use as the guideposts in your own adventure.”

“You will discover what is possible with the right mindset, the right people and the right action, and how thinking big, audacious and often impossible thoughts will lead to enduring success and real-world transformation.”

The book can be purchased at mahasinnathamby.com/the-book.

A Springfield City Group family photo: Deputy Managing Director Umah Ranchigoda, Chairman Maha Sinnathamby AM, Deputy Chairman Bob Sharpless, Managing Director Raynuha Sinnathamby, and Director for Education and Health Meera Honan. All images: Springfield City Group (SCG).
Springfield City Group (SCG) Chief Operating Officer Russell Luhrs with Executive General Manager for Planning and Infrastructure Brett Wilson.
Springfield City Group (SCG) Marketing & Communications Director Narendran Sinnathamby with Morgans Senior Private Client Adviser John Palmer.

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