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Council offering up spare land for community use

Daniel Bouwmeester    June 30, 2023    3 min read   

Ipswich City Council is planning to release parcels of land in Greater Springfield for potential future development into community facilities.

Registration of interest for proposed use of the land by community organisations for the benefit of the public is open until July 23.

Council notified residents and community groups of the decision early last month.

Three plots of land are on offer:

  • 12 Mount Juillerat Drive, Augustine Heights (Lot 33SP283508)
  • 79 Sierra Drive, Spring Mountain (Lot 4007SP304382), and
  • 7004 Lakes Entrance Drive, Springfield Lakes (Lot 5003SP285008) – respectively shown highlighted in green in these images provided by Council.

The lot numbers can be searched via the Council’s new development portal – developmenti.ipswich.qld.gov.au – using the location search function.

Each of the sites is currently vacant with no buildings or other improvements. They are not permitted to be used for commercial purposes, under the updated Springfield Infrastructure Plan.

From top: 12 Mount Juillerat Drive, Augustine Heights – 79 Sierra Drive, Spring Mountain – and 7004 Lakes Entrance Drive, Springfield Lakes. Images: Ipswich City Council.

Selection criteria

Community use could include artistic, social, cultural, sporting, or recreational facilities, or community support services and activities, according to the Council.

It may also include the preparation and service of food and drink.

Newly built premises to facilitate these activities are a possibility – such as a community centre or hall.

Division 2 Councillor Nicole Jonic said any activation of the land must deliver social and community impact.

“A submission can be received from a community organisation or from a consortium of community organisations, who wish to use the land for singular or multiple community purposes,” Ms Jonic said.

“This registration process will help in the evaluation of these requests and to identify the community use options available.”

All registrations of interest must contain the organisation’s Certificate of Incorporation, and a detailed overview of their purpose, vision, and values.

Wildlife concerns

Yellow-bellied Glider, photographed in June. Image: Josh Bowell.

However, Springfield Lakes Nature Care (SLNC) president Luise Manning expressed serious concern about the potential development of the Springfield Lakes land parcel.

“I don’t think the Lakes Entrance Drive site should be considered at all,” Luise said.

“It has endangered Yellow-bellied Gliders using that habitat for food.”

Luise noted at least three Yellow-bellied Gliders had been seen there in May – and also heard during a ‘Spotlight Night’ survey, conducted by volunteers on June 5.

In addition, Squirrel Gliders and a colony of five Sugar Gliders have recently made use of the trees and the Council-approved nest boxes nearby, Luise explained.

“The size of tree hollows is substantial for these mammals to shelter and breed in. A loss of food trees in their home range would also impact on their ability to survive and thrive.

“Surely there are other sites that would have a less negative impact on endangered wildlife?”

Luise said there was some confusion among residents about whether that portion of land was gazetted as part of the White Rock Spring Mountain Conservation Estate.

SLNC made its concerns known to local council and state representatives as well as the Wildlife Preservation Society Qld on June 21 – but official responses were yet to be issued at time of print.

More information about the registration of interest process and submission requirements can be found at shapeyouripswich.com.au/communitylanduseROI.

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