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Community generosity revolutionises care at Mater Springfield

Guy Hazlewood    June 21, 2024    3 min read   

The generosity of Mater supporters across Queensland is catalysing a remarkable transformation in healthcare at Mater Private Hospital Springfield, with nearly $1 million worth of cutting-edge medical equipment being delivered this year, thanks to community donations to the Mater Foundation.

This influx of advanced technology includes a state-of-the-art robotic surgery system for knee replacements and sophisticated imaging systems designed to enhance the precision of breast cancer surgeries and orthopaedic procedures.

Mater Private Hospital Springfield theatre nurses Michelle Grice and Neraj Dodla with the new equipment. Photo Josh Woning

As Mater prepares for its upcoming Mater Giving Day on June 26, the hospital is calling on the community to once again demonstrate their support. 

On this day, every donation made to the Mater Foundation will be tripled by matched donors, amplifying the impact of each contribution.

Mater Foundation’s next goal is to fund the recruitment of a specialist Breast Care Nurse, dedicated to supporting women undergoing treatment at Mater Private Hospital Springfield.

“Medical technology is constantly evolving, and it’s crucial for our patients that we integrate this technology into our operating theatres and wards,” Mater Private Hospital Springfield general manager Suzanne Hawksley said.

“Our doctors and medical teams play a key role in selecting devices and systems to ensure every dollar donated delivers maximum benefit to our patients.”

The newly funded equipment includes:

• Velys Orthopaedic Robot: Utilising an advanced infra-red optical tracking system, this robot assists surgeons in making high-precision, guided cuts during knee replacements, leading to better outcomes and faster recovery times for patients.

• C-Arm Scanner: A mobile imaging system that provides high-quality images during orthopaedic surgeries, enhancing surgical accuracy.

• Faxitron Radiography System: This system offers breast cancer surgeons high-quality in-theatre X-rays, ensuring greater certainty in the removal of cancerous tissue and reducing the need for additional procedures.

Mater is Queensland’s largest not-for-profit healthcare provider, managing a network of 11 public and private hospitals across the state. 

In partnership with the Queensland Government, Mater is also constructing the new Mater Public Hospital Springfield, which will add 174 beds, an emergency department, an intensive care unit, and maternity services when it opens in 2026.

Chief Executive of Mater Foundation Andrew Thomas emphasised the significance of community fundraising in improving patient care. 

“Mater Giving Day is a day for the community to come together to make a positive impact,” Andrew said. 

“This special day unites Mater staff, patients, loved ones, and supporters to help deliver life-saving medical equipment, research, education, and healthcare.”

Andrew also highlighted the planned recruitment of a specialist Breast Care Nurse following Giving Day 2024. 

“The great news this year is that Mater’s generous Matched Givers have pledged to triple every dollar raised by the community in Springfield and across Queensland, making a truly incredible difference for Mater patients,” he said.

For more information on how to support Mater Giving Day, visit materfoundation.org.au.

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