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Centenary off-ramp reopens

Daniel Bouwmeester    December 12, 2023    3 min read   

Work is now complete on the widening of the Centenary Motorway Exit 32 off-ramp, which connects the motorway southbound to the Springfield Greenbank Arterial.

Existing off-ramp lanes were doubled from two to four lanes.

The exit was reopened to the public at 5am yesterday, Monday, December 11.

Focus will now turn to removing the Main Street roundabout and creating the signalised intersection as part of Stage 3 of the Ipswich City Council’s Springfield Greenbank Arterial (SGA) upgrade.

The finished intersection will support drivers heading left or right along the Springfield Greenbank Arterial Road (SGA), and will also facilitate safer and easier crossing onto Main Street towards Orion shopping centre.

Jordan MP Charis Mullen said the work was completed sooner than expected.

“This is much earlier than anticipated with construction crews having worked at pace to complete a significant amount of the new off-ramp roadworks,” Ms Mullen said.

“This has included new earthworks, road pavement, drainage, service upgrades, and street lighting.

“There will be some further nightworks to facilitate the re-opening which I will share in coming days.

“I would like to sincerely thank our community for their patience during the Exit 32 closure as I appreciate how inconvenient it has been for many motorists.”

$6.5 million was committed by the Queensland Government for the project.

Image: Charis Mullen MP. Top image: Image: Jeff Camden.

Congestion complaints

Scores of residents however criticised the announcement – suggesting that overall congestion both on and off the motorway had actually eased during the period of the exit’s closure.

Forest Lake resident Steve Brett – who travels to Bunnings and Orion Springfield Central along the M5 at least twice a week – said traffic was flowing better without the off-ramp.

“Town planning obviously didn’t do any work on this so-called improvement. The exit simply isn’t necessary,” Steve said.

“The next exit up [33] is long and absorbs traffic, and was previously barely used.

“I, like everyone else, have been using it for the first time, and will continue to – if I can get past the blocked 32 exit.”

In response to the community feedback, Ms Mullen said she appreciated the “mixed views” of local motorists.

“I feel confident that the Exit 32 duplication – along with the signalised intersection being completed by Ipswich City Council – will be a major improvement for local motorists once completed,” Ms Mullen said.

“[It] will provide more vehicle capacity on the off-ramp allowing a smoother run on the Centenary Motorway.”

“Thank you to everyone for their patience during this important construction.”

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