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Catching up with the Wildcats: April, 2023

Daniel Bouwmeester    April 12, 2023    2 min read   

South West Wildcats Netball Club is a local netball club situated at the Springfield Central Sports Complex on Sportstar Drive.

Established in 2011, the Wildcats have more than tripled in size since opening.

We have over 220 members currently on board – mixed and women’s teams – with around 30 volunteers helping drive the club forward in operation.

Ranging from Under-7s through to Seniors, we see our club’s diversity increasingly growing as each season ticks over.

One great aspect we champion is that we are a family-oriented club.

We see many families join; be they siblings, mother-daughter duos, aunties – the lot!

It is with great pride that we are in such a place as to provide an environment that can cater to people of all stripes.

As we move forward into our 2023 Netball season at Ipswich Netball Association – with a record-breaking 21 teams – we look forward to the endless possibilities and opportunities that await us over the season ahead.

Round 1 began Saturday 11th March, and it was an exceptional view to see our home colours filling up the court space, and of course playing some great netball!

– Crystal Tipiwai Tou

Vice President, South West Wildcats

For more information, visit www.facebook.com/wildcatssocialcomp or email 4300wildcats@gmail.com.

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