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‘Catalyst’ for exchange

Daniel Bouwmeester    October 14, 2022    2 min read   

Greater Springfield businesses are getting a leg-up by connecting with each other at a thriving networking consortium throughout the region.

Business Network International, known as BNI, is a place where companies can learn from and motivate each other to better their public engagement abilities and work together to share referrals to widen their reach.

It’s a “chamber of commerce”-style association, where one attending member represents their company, which, in turn, leads their respective industry area.

The Springfield chapter of BNI is called ‘BNI Catalyst’, and a new chapter that began last month in Camira will be known as ‘BNI Advance’.

Leisa Gil has been involved in BNI for 17 years, and became franchise owner of ‘BNI Brisbane South West & Toowoomba’ four years ago, helping to grow the region from 155 members to over 330. BNI Catalyst also now has 40 members.

“What BNI means to me is about building a community of SMEs to support SMEs.

“BNI in Springfield has a strong presence and a great community of quality business professionals. As the presence grows in Springfield so does the support of – and to – each other, which in turn leads to more business being passed.”

Above: One of the first meetings of the Camira BNI chapter in September. Image: Daniel Bouwmeester/Local News Publications.
Top: Image: BNI Catalyst.

In September, Alex Sparrow, sales agent with Image Property, was elected the new president of BNI Catalyst, taking over from mortgage broker Mark Winter.

Their group recently celebrated making over $1 million in referrals.

“I’m so proud to say that as of writing this, BNI Catalyst is ranked as the #1 chapter in our region (being Brisbane Southwest & Toowoomba), which itself is ranked as the #1 region in the country!

“Anyone can visit a BNI Catalyst meeting as a visitor to see what\’s going on – they just need to reach out to a member to be registered.”

BNI Catalyst is held at Disciples Church, 31 Springfield Lakes Blvd. The new Camira BNI is held at Camira Springfield Community Centre, 389 Old Logan Road.

For more info, visit bnibrisbanewest.com.au or contact Leisa Gill on 0478 738 824 or at leisa@bnibrisbanewest.com.au.

Daniel Bouwmeester

Daniel was born in a mining town in New South Wales to Dutch and Welsh immigrants, before relocating to Logan City, where he attended Canterbury College for twelve years. He pursued his passion for music by completing a first-class honours degree at the University of Queensland (UQ), and later signed with a local record label. He has travelled the world from a young age, including a student exchange in rural France, a job working the ski lifts in Colorado, and visits to the islands of the South Pacific. After a six-year career in market research, Daniel returned to UQ to complete a Bachelor of Journalism and Arts dual degree, majoring in political science. His varied experiences at home and abroad have contributed to a passion for spreading good news while defending the truth buried inside complex societal paradigms.