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Bus service expands coverage for Indigenous students

Daniel Bouwmeester    August 9, 2022    2 min read   

RiverCity Bus Service has added a new route to its school pick-up and drop-off schedule, giving students better access to Hymba Yumba Independent School.

The new service began on Monday, August 1, following an annual review by RiverCity, and now incorporates students who live further afield.

“We underwent a recent review of our services, and have extended south-west to suburbs like Ripley and Flinders View and also north-east to Acacia Ridge,” said owner Khan Buchanan.

A Hymba Yumba school student heading home. Image: RiverCity Bus Service.

RiverCity operates school bus and general charter services, including transport to special events. It also runs shuttle buses for disrupted rail, and longer distance transport to school sporting events and camps.

Hymba Yumba is its main client in the education sector.

Mr Buchanan said the fast-growing nature of the Springfield community makes it harder to keep up with ever-changing public transport needs.

He moved into the area from Mount Isa in 1992, and has been passionate about supporting Indigenous parents and children in the area ever since, regularly fundraising and donating for local charities.

“It’s been rewarding helping to close the gap,” he said, referring to the disparity of convenient school access that Indigenous families often face.

“Every year we sponsor a senior student for graduation, so they can attend the school formal in a nice suit.”

“For some families, those expenses take food off the table.”

For more information about RiverCity Bus Service, contact Khan at admin@rivercitybus.com.au or call 0416 623 316.

Daniel Bouwmeester

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