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Bittersweet day for graduating students

Daniel Bouwmeester    November 12, 2022    4 min read   

The 2022 cohort of The Springfield Anglican College Year 12 students bid farewell to their school at a very emotional valedictory ceremony last month.

Sixty-three students were waved off by the whole College community at a special Valedictory Assembly on Friday, October 14.

The graduating class and their parents rounded out their farewell to the College at a Night of Reflection event on Thursday, October 20.

Mr Steven Morris, Principal of The Springfield Anglican College (TSAC) said, “We are proud to celebrate the end of our students’ formal schooling journey for this fabulous group of young men and women whom we call the Class of 2022.”

The College’s Valedictory Assembly was a time of reflection with heartfelt speeches from the College Principal, as well as College leaders, Hayden Nelson and Jillian Taylor.

College leader Hayden Nelson said he has made cherished memories with his fellow Year 12s throughout his time at TSAC.

“We’ve all faced struggles, yet I have seen my fellow students persevere and overcome,” Hayden said.

“Despite the impacts of COVID, floods, and many other challenges, we have grown, figuratively and literally. It is an amazing feeling to be in the very final stages of schooling.

“We couldn’t have done it without our teachers, each other, and our parents – our unspoken heroes. Thank you for your support.”

Fellow College leader for 2022, Jillian Taylor, said she was incredibly proud to be graduating with her “amazing” cohort.

“Whether my fellow students are going to university, joining the workforce, or spending time figuring it out, I know that they’ll succeed. This is not the end, only the beginning.”

The Valedictorians heard a special message of encouragement from two of the College’s youngest students, from Prep, who said: “We are going to miss you, but we know that you are graduating from high school. No more homework but no more yummy tuckshop. We hope that your future is bright and exciting. Whatever you do next, remember we are cheering you on.”

Students watched a reflective montage of photographs that memorialised their time at the College, as well as a special presentation for the 20 students who have been at The Springfield Anglican College for 13 years, from Prep Students processed through the College for a final time, cheered on by College students and staff.

They were met at the end by their family members, before taking a final roll call.

While the Year 12s have formally said goodbye to the College, they are now busily preparing to sit their external exams, which are being held over 17 days from Monday 24 October, before they receive their final results.

Mr Morris added: “We currently have eight students with 100% attainment in at least one subject area heading into the external exams. We have particularly strong results in Chemistry, Business, Biology, Psychology, Modern History, and Mathematical Methods. This type of success does not happen without motivated and hard-working students and staff who are invested in student outcomes.

“Nor does the gift of education happen by accident. The parents and guardians of our graduating class have endured, sacrificed, and been role models while raising these tremendous young men and women. The graduation of our Year 12 students is also a celebration for their families.”

Our Valedictorians will soon enter a new world. It will be a challenging world but one with so many opportunities. There will be times of uncertainty but there will also be times of hope. They leave this place equipped for service and to be that beacon of hope to others.

For more information about the school, visit tsac.qld.edu.au or www.facebook.com/TheSpringfieldAnglicanCollege, or alternatively call 3814 8100 or email info@tsac.qld.edu.au.

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