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A service to remember

Daniel Bouwmeester    November 10, 2023    3 min read   

Don’t forget – Saturday, November 11 is Remembrance Day.

From 10:45am, all are welcome to attend a special service at the Springfield Central Australian Defence Force (ADF) Memorial to reflect on the sacrifices of soldiers during and since the First World War.

The ceremony will culminate in a traditional minute’s silence at 11:11am.

Former Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) service member and current president of the Greater Springfield RSL Sub-Branch Mr Doug Egan said Remembrance Day is a “wonderful time” not just for reflection, but to look to the future of the RSL too.

“There’s a bit of a perception that after you finish your service you’re left to dry and if your mates are still serving, it can feel lonely,” Mr Egan said.

“But there are communities like RSL Queensland that you can go to and reconnect.

“​​Growing up, the RSL was a big part of my life, and we would assist our local chapter every ANZAC Day. Now I have the opportunity to work with RSL Queensland to better the organisation and play a part in its future.”

Mr Egan said one of the biggest challenges for the RSL is modernising the organisation to build interest from younger people.

Beacon of light

Image: Monument Australia.

The 10-metre metal light tower is a beautiful sight no matter the time of day or year.

With a special perforated white steel sleeve, it can hold poppies and other memorial flowers placed during commemorative services – a clever design consideration by Vee Design.

At dark, the tower can light up like a torch to represent the “Eternal Flame of Remembrance.”

In 2015, local resident and then-president of the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce (GSCOC) Ralph Breaden formed The Springfield Light Tower Committee and charitable trust.

The original members of the committee were Geoff Noller as Secretary, Peter Walker, Martin Buckingham, and Scott Hamill, as well as Jeremy King as Treasurer and Nigel Cuppari as Vice President – the latter three of whom are all retired ADF service members.

Tracy Bold, now the committee’s longest serving member, has been instrumental in helping facilitate each of the services at the memorial since.

The Remembrance Day ceremony is an annual tradition at Robelle Domain, shown here at the cenotaph of the Springfield Central ADF Memorial in 2021. Image: Nicole Jonic.

For more information about the Greater Springfield Sub Branch, visit rslsouthqueensland.org or facebook.com/GreaterSpringfieldRSL, or email admin@greaterspringfield.rslqld.net.au.

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