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A helping hand for your wedding or event

Daniel Bouwmeester    January 10, 2024    4 min read   

By Rachel Waddington, from My Precious Events

Edited by Daniel Bouwmeester

Planning any event for yourself, friends, or family can be challenging, time-consuming, overwhelming, and overall frustrating.

Even then, when it comes to weddings, for some reason there seems to be an added layer of pressure.

In the last few years, the demand for assistance with weddings has been phenomenal.

Increasingly, brides, grooms, and their families are realising they want to fully enjoy and be ‘present’ for the big day they’ve waited so long for.

Why spend this special day fretting about everything behind the scenes?

At My Precious Events, we are all about making your life easy and ensuring your wedding day is a precious moment in time that becomes a wonderful memory.

Rachel Waddington from local event planning assistance company My Precious Events. All images: My Precious Events.

Your vision is our vision

It’s always good to take a little time to dream about your perfect day.

What is your vision? Your vision will generally align with your core values as a couple, inform your priorities, and in turn serve as the basis of your wedding.

Ensuring a client’s vision is realised is crucial to us. And nothing gives us more joy than hearing a couple say “it’s like you can read my mind” when they begin to see their dream wedding come to life.

To help you focus on your vision, there are seven key areas to think about:

  • Size
  • Setting
  • Season
  • Timeline
  • Ideal Venue
  • Personal Style
  • Colour story

We use our uniquely designed vision worksheets to guide the couple through each of these key areas. This establishes a framework to assist with the decision-making process and give clarity to the couple’s vision.

Experience matters

Even with meticulous planning, there can be unexpected hiccups – and this is where our years of experience with not only weddings but other events comes to the fore.

In fact, we plan for any occasion, whether it’s a national sporting event, a ‘high tea’ for four, or anything in between. Our event planners have got all of it covered.

Clear and open communication with the client, venue, photographer, celebrant, chefs, and food and beverage supervisor and their staff is essential to ensure everyone is on the same page and works together cohesively.

Four tailored services

Many couples want to be very hands-on for their big day, while others just want to enjoy the journey, without the hands-on part.

To accommodate the individual needs of each couple, My Precious Events offers four different types of services for different stages of the planning process.

• Jump Start – Ideal for clients who want to plan and coordinate their own wedding, but are just not sure where to start.

• Helping Hand – Perfect for clients who are doing a DIY wedding, but need a little help getting their plans back on track in the few weeks leading up to event day.

• Event Day Coordination – This service is for DIY wedding clients who want someone to take over on the day so that they can relax and enjoy the results of all their hard work.

• Full Wedding Coordination – Many couples choose this service as they may feel overwhelmed, or lead busy lives, and want someone who cares and will work with them to see their vision come to life.

And we don’t only do weddings. We plan for any occasion, whether it’s a national sporting event, a ‘high tea’ for four, or anything in between. Our event planners have got all of it covered.

For enquiries, visit the website at mypreciousevents.com.au, or contact Rachel on 0431 558 033 or via rachel@mypreciousevents.com.au.

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