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2024 ANZAC Cup AFL showdown coming to Brighton Home stadium

Guy Hazlewood    March 26, 2024    2 min read   

The men and women of the QLD Fire and Rescue and SEQ Australian Army will go head-to-head in an AFL match at Brighton Home Stadium for the 2024 ANZAC Cup on Friday April 19.

In the inaugural 2023 ANZAC Cup, the QLD Fire and Rescue women got the win and the men ended in a draw with scores of Fire 7-1-43 to Army 6-7-43.

Last year’s ANZAC Cup resulted in a draw. Source: QLD Fire and Rescue AFL.

ANZAC Cup event coordinator Jed Edwards showed enthusiasm as he shared the start of the Anzac Cup, a cherished tradition that blended the spirit of sport with a profound sense of honour.

“I played a few games for the Fire and Rescue AFL team against the QLD Police,” Jed said.

“And just talking to some of the guys, I thought, what if we could branch out and maybe see if the Army’s interested in a game or the Air Force or the Navy.”

Jed and his team took the initiative, reaching out to the military with a proposition.

“We wrote to the army,” he said.

“We said, look, would you guys be interested in having a game of AFL? Maybe, you know, we just choose April.”

Their proposal was met with enthusiasm, and so, the Anzac Cup was born.

Reflecting on the success of the previous year, Jed expressed his excitement for the upcoming festivities.

“So yeah, we’re just going to try and do a couple of community things as well,” he said.

The event will have something for everyone with fire trucks and army armoured vehicles on display.

The Defence Force and Fire Rescue recruitment will also be in attendance for people interested in a career with the military or fire service.

Jed spoke passionately about the connection between the military and the firefighting community.

The ANZAC Cup is a special match for players. Source: Highflyer Images

“With ANZAC Day, it is obviously without a doubt, it’s the biggest day within the military,” he said.

“We have a lot of ex-military in the firies, so there is a tight bond between both organisations.”

The QLD Fire and Rescue is still looking for sponsors to provide more entertainment for the community-free event.

For sponsor enquiries, contact Jed Edwards on 0438 261 730 or message the QLD Fire and Rescue AFL Facebook page.

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